Hoboken To Hollywood (1926)
Running Time: 10 mins Black & White
Starring: Billy Bevan, Leonora Summers, Vernon Dent, Thelma Hill, Sunshine Hart, Leo Sulky, Tiny Ward
Two men (Billy Bevan, Vernon Dent) and their wives move to California.

King's Messenger     (1908)
Running Time: 178 mins Black & White
Starring: D.W. Griffith, Linda Arvidson, Mack Sennett
The action is laid in the seventeenth century, and the costumes, while historically accurate, are most lavishly elaborate. A bitter war is waging between two kingdoms, and as the King and Queen hold court in the throne room of the palace there arrives a courier, who, battered and exhausted, has scarcely strength as he falls at the foot of the throne to thrust into the hands of the anxious King, a message which tells of the disaster and panic that has befallen his forces. The King immediately holds council of war and calls for a trusty messenger to carry to his armies the reassuring intelligence that reinforcements have been rushed to their aid. The lot falls to a brave young courier, lion-hearted and with nerve of steel, who, before setting off, goes to take leave of his sweetheart. He discovers her resenting the unwelcomed advances of his rival, a contemptible scoundrel. The villain departs, swearing vengeance, and shadows the hero as he rides off. The sweetheart, on horseback follows to warn her lover of his danger. Now the villain, with the aid of his mistress, who has arranged a meeting by letter, dupes the hero by lying in the road, pretending she is wounded. The hero dismounts to assist her, and is stabbed in the back by the villain, who had hidden in the bush. He secures the message and they make for a neighboring inn, leaving the hero lying in the road, where he is found later by his sweetheart and her attendants. The lover is cared for by his sweetheart and some kindly farm folk, and the attendants are hastened to bring guards. The letter to the villain is found in the road, which indicates his whereabouts, and they repair to the inn where the villain is surprised and arrested. Recovering the message, the hero hastens on to the army. With renewed vigor the opposing forces are repelled and the day won. The last scene shows the return of the gallant courier with this cheering news. He is knighted by the King, and formally betrothed to his faithful sweetheart.

Lame Brains (1925)
Black & White
Starring: Chester Conklin, Alyce Ardell, Billy Franey
Very funny Conklin short. Dog owners Alice and Chester meet on a beach. After being chased by an obligatory cop, they wind up in a hotel lobby and become involved with some bootleggers.

Mack Sennett A One Night Stand (1915)
Running Time: 14 mins Black & White
Starring: Chester Conklin, Mae Busch, Charles Arling
Two clownish stagehands make life difficult for the manager and cast of a dramatic production.

Mack Sennett Gussles Wayward Path (1915)
Running Time: 15 mins Black & White
Starring: Syd Chaplin, Phyllis Allen, Wesley Ruggles

Mack Sennett Little Billy's Triumph (1914)
Running Time: 10 mins Black & White
Starring: Billy Jacobs, Gordon Griffith, Thelma Salter
Young Little Billy wants to buy some ice-cream with the dime his mother gave him, but the neighborhood bullies have other plans for that dime.

Mack Sennett Settled At The Seashore (1915)
Running Time: 8 mins Black & White
Starring: Cecile Arnold, Mae Busch, Charley Chase

Mack Sennett's Dizzy Heights & Daring Hearts (1915)
Running Time: 22 mins Black & White
Starring: Chester Conklin, Claire Anderson, Nick Cogley
Mickael GoUpSkey, a foreign agent, is aboard a train en route to purchase planes for his country's military. A.C. Walrus, an agent for a rival country, is also aboard that same train and is ordered by his government to stop GoUpSkey from making that purchase at whatever cost. National security takes a back seat for Walrus when he meets and pursues a beautiful young woman on the train, she to who the foreign agent is also attracted. Walrus eventually learns that she is the daughter of the plane manufacturer and an aviatrix in her own right. Mayhem ensues when Walrus is able to test fly the demonstration plane, with GoUpSkey in hot pursuit. But also in pursuit are the young woman her aviator boyfriend and the police, the latter who are dealing with the destruction caused by the Walrus/GoUpSkey battle.