Public Domain Movies

Adolescense - Good Health Practices (1953)
Running Time: 10 mins Black & White

The makers of Soapy the Germ Fighter are back to teach other things to keep us healthy. Young Jim and Judy learn about proper eating, keeping clean, proper rest and good toilet habits. The enthusiastic narrator reminds us not to be bashful or silly about bathroom habits and that we should go whenever we feel like it.

Adolescense - It Must be the Neighbors (1966)
Running Time: 13 mins Black & White

Emphasizes the relationship between good premises sanitation and freedom from mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and rodents. Shows how refuse handling improvements may play an important part in eradicating the yellow fever mosquito and other disease vectors.

Adolescense - Self Image Film (1976)
Running Time: 11 mins Black & White
Starring: Ted Zarpas
A group of misbehaving children come across a magic mirror that, when they look into it, shows them as clowns and tries to convince them to change their disruptive behavior.

Adolescense - Skipper Learns a Lesson (1952)
Running Time: 10 mins Black & White
Starring: Paul Burnford
Susan, a little white girl, moves into a racially mixed neighborhood. Soon some of the local kids come over and ask her to play with them. She does, but her dog, Skipper, will have nothing to do with such funny-looking children (he says, via the narrator). Soon, however, Skipper accidentally gets some paint spilled on him, and the neighborhood dogs attack him, as they don't want somebody who's "funny looking" in their neighborhood, either. Skipper realizes that his intolerant attitude toward the children was just as bad as his fellow dogs' attitude toward him, and vows to change his ways.

Adolescense - The Cautious Twins (1960)
Running Time: 5 mins Color

Doreen and Dan won't get fooled by strangers. Would you?

Adolescense - Understanding Others ( )
Black & White

Adolescense - What to do on a Date ( )
Black & White

Adolescense - Your Junior High Days (1963)
Running Time: 12 mins Black & White

An educational film from 1963 about the experience, pressure, and devotion that it takes to be successful in junior high school.