Public Domain Movies

Cleanliness Brings Health (1945)
Running Time: 8 mins Color
Starring: James Algar
The comparison of two rural families to demonstrate the need for proper hygiene and the consequences of its neglect.

Dust - The Invisible Enemy (1980's)
Running Time: 29 mins Color

This video describes the portion of dust generated by mining activities that causes dust-related lung disease. Respirable dust, the smallest, unseen particles, are breathed deep into the lungs.When this dust overloads the lungs' ability to protect itself, disease can result. The sources of respirable dust generation, its composition, and control are discussed.

Goodbye Mr. Germ (1940)
Running Time: 14 mins Black & White
Starring: James Kirkwood
A doctor explains to his children the dangers of tuberculosis, what it is and how to prevent against contracting it.

Soapy the Germ Fighter (1951)
Running Time: 9 mins Color
Starring: Young Billy Martin
Young Billy Martin has to learn that being clean isnt the same as being a sissy. One night, a giant, talking cake of soap wearing tights and a puffy-sleeved shirt assures him of this fact. This film, like many personal hygiene films, taught kids about germs and what to do to avoid them in case their parents neglected to do so. Includes outdated advice on the use of shampoo, back when shampoo was very harsh and stripped the hair of all of its oils.