Public Domain Movies

I Like Bikes, But... (1978)
Running Time: 14 mins Color
Starring: Bob Deaton, Loren Dolezal
An animated bike named Ike explains the safety hazards of bikes, chanting "I like bikes" as he moves through various settings, then following live-action bike riders. One falls over in the street and is nearly hit by Lisa's parents. Ike then narrates Lisa's interest in bikes through to her teenage years when she gets a car to see if she can be attentive now that she's not using hers as much.

Keep Your Paws Off Mercury (2007)
Running Time: 4 mins Color

An educational video about mercury. Clancy the Mercury Detecting Dog, EPA, and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency teamed up to create the Keep Your Paws Off Mercury campaign to teach students across the country about mercury and its dangers. The cornerstone of the Keep Your Paws Off Mercury campaign is an educational video that shows students where mercury can be found in schools and what to do if they see it.