Public Domain Movies

How to be a Man )

How to be a Woman )

Marriage Is a Partnership (1951)
Running Time: 15 mins Black & White

This short film dramatizes the problems, adjustments, and transformations that occur in the first year of a young couples marriage.

Rules for School )

Should a Girl Marry (1939)
Running Time: 61 mins Black & White
Starring: Anne Nagel, Warren Hull
Should a Girl Marry? never completely answers its own question, inasmuch as the story concentrates primarily on the male lead. Warren Hull stars as Dr. Robert Benson, so dedicated to his profession that he sorely neglects his ever-loving wife Margaret (Anne Nagel). Things come to a sorry pass when Benson is accused of murder through the machinations of his medical rival Dr. White (Lester Mathews). The outcome hinges on the behavior of hard-boiled Betty Gilbert (Mayo Mathot) and the revelation of a skeleton in Margaret's family closet. Critics in 1939 weren't exactly enchanted by Should a Girl Marry?, citing the film's corny dialogue and Anne Nagel's ever-disappearing British accent.

Social Acceptability (1957)
Running Time: 19 mins Black & White

This 1957 educational film about a somewhat unpopular teenager (Marian Elsworth) looking to join a popular high school clique deals with the subject of improving social skills among adolescents.

What to Do on a Date (1950)
Running Time: 11 mins Black & White

A 1950s instructional film telling teens what they should do on a date.

Why Doesn't Cathy Eat Breakfast? (1972)
Running Time: 4 mins Black & White
Starring: Cathy
Presented by the National Dairy Council, this short film proposes reasons why Cathy and others skip breakfast. The narrator asks Cathy questions about why she doesn't eat breakfast as we watch her begin her daily routine. The film ends with the title question on screen as Cathy leaves her house without eating or answering why. Two copies on a reel.