Public Domain Movies

Know for Sure PSA (1941)
Running Time: 23 mins Black & White
Starring: Ward Bond, Joseph Crehan, Samuel S. Hinds
Documentary detailing the dangers and treatment of venereal disease. Tony Medroni is excited about the imminent birth of a son, but when the child is born dead, Tony must face the fact that his own sexual history has caused the child's death. A doctor explains the problem to Tony and discusses other cases with a colleague.

USS VD: Ship of Shame (1942)
Running Time: 46 mins Black & White

Unintentionally hilarious film was made by the U.S. government during World War II to show its young servicemen the results of "fooling around" with "loose women" overseas. Actual victims of such sexually transmitted diseases as syphilis and gonorrhea are shown, along with the physical deterioration that accompanies those diseases.