Public Domain Movies

Industrial Britain (1933)
Running Time: 21 mins Black & White

Grierson set out to make "propaganda," and this film--with it's voice-over proclaiming the great value of the British industrial worker, without a hint of ambiguity or doubt--fits that category well. The authoritatarian narrator feels out-of-date and unsophisticated, but the footage is well shot and interesting, and the transparency of the propaganda aspect is almost a reflief at a time when so many films have hidden agendas.

Rationing In Britain (1945)
Running Time: 11 mins Black & White
Starring: Mary Welsh Monks
An explanation for American audiences of what rationing means to ordinary British families.

Time to Go (1989)
Running Time: 24 mins Black & White
Starring: Bernadette Devlin, Michael Farrell, Emma Groves
A plea for Britain to withdraw from Northern Ireland.