Public Domain Movies

This Nude World: An Authentic Trip Through The World's Most Famous Nudist Colonies (1932)
Black & White

Groundbreaking 1932 Swedish documentary celebrating the age old tradition of playing volleyball in your socks and absolutely nothing else. A real hoot.

Tijuana After Midnite (1954)
Running Time: 58 mins Black & White
Starring: Rita Ravel Misty Ayers
Another in a long line of films directed by Phil Tucker that are just various strippers of the era (based in L.A.) doing their acts in front of a stationary camera with 6th-rate comedians trying to do stolen material between the (semi) strips. No plot, no story line and strictly intended for the back-alley grind-house theatres of the larger USA cities, and stayed available for years in the state rights film exchanges.