Public Domain Movies

Legend of Bigfoot, The (1976)
Running Time: 76 mins Color
Starring: Ivan Marx
Notorious Bigfoot researcher Ivan Marx journeys from Arizona to the Artic Circle in order to brush up on folklore regarding the elusive woodland creature and perhaps even capture the hirsute recluse on camera.

Lost Dutchman Mine, The (1954)
Running Time: 87 mins Color
Starring: Bob Lee, Dick Martin
Documentary about the most famous lost gold mine in the world. Supposedly hidden in the Supersition Mountains is the legendary Lost Duchman Mine, which, over the years, has beconded the adventurous and the greedy to their destruction.

True Story of Dracula (1989)
Running Time: 120 mins Color

True account of Vlad the Impaler, who throughout history has been known as Dracula.

What the Stars Foretell (1933)
Running Time: 5 mins Black & White

The British inventor of newspaper horoscopes with his astrological account of people born in December.