Public Domain Movies

Answering the Child's Why (1951)
Running Time: 12 mins Black & White

This is a charming little film about answering little kids' questions. Parents are encouraged to answer every question their little darlings ask in a patient and accurate fashion, lest they grow up to be like awkward shy Molly, who never asks any questions. Not shown are the kids who say "Why?" over and over again just to annoy their parents, or the really embarrassing questions they sometimes come up with. Of course, this doesn't take place in the real world, but in the ideal world of educational films, where teachers have time to patiently go over tests individually with their students, uncles are never inappropriate with little girls, and only really, really old and sick people die. It goes without saying that parenting is a lot easier in that world. Why? I don't give a darn! He's our shortstop!