Public Domain Movies

Fighting the War (1916)
Running Time: 23 mins Black & White
Numerous scenes of combat from World War I.

Great War, The )
Running Time: ## mins B/C

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Log of the U-35 (1917)
Black & White

A documentary filmed aboard a German U-Boat during the First World War , featuring footage of the capture and sinking of cargo ships and a private schooner.

Tulips Shall Grow (1942)
Running Time: 7 mins Black & White
Starring: Rex Ingram, Victor Jory
A Dutch boy and girl's idyllic existence is destroyed when they are overrun by a group of Nazi-like mechanical men called "The Screwballs",[1] who lay waste to everything they touch. The Screwballs are later destroyed and the boy and girl's idyllic life resumes.