Public Domain Movies

A Royal Affair (1950)
Running Time: 91 mins Black & White
Starring: Maurice Chevalier, Sophie Desmarets.
King arrives in Paris and is quickly taught the French lifestyle.

A String of Blue Beads (1953)
Running Time: 27 mins Black & White
Starring: Louis Jourdan, Ellen Cobb-Hill, Margaret Hamilton
A young man with everything to live for is crushed to learn of the death of his fiancée in a fire on Christmas Eve. For three years he wallows in self-pity until a young girl reminds him of the true meaning of Christmas.

A Woman Of Rome (1955)
Running Time: 93 mins Black & White
Starring: Gina Lollobrigida, Daniel Gelin.
Successful prostitute wants to change her way of life.

Abbott And Costello Meet Captain Kidd (1952)
Running Time: 70 mins Color
Starring: Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Charles Laughton, Hillary Brooke, Fran Warren, Bill Shirley.
Bud & Lou, the two most incompetent pirates ever to sail the Spanish Main nearly drive the notorious Terror of the Seven Seas, Captain Kidd (Charles Laughton), out of his mind when they accidently find the Captain's secret treasure map. Throw in a wild free-for-all on Skull Island, beautiful Captain Bonney (Hillary Brooke), more cutthroats than you can shake a cutlass at and you get this fun filled Abbott & Costello classic, brought to you in Glorious Super-CineColor.

Actors and Sin (1952)
Running Time: 82 mins Black & White
Starring: E.G. Robinson, Marsha Hunt, Eddie Albert
Respected Shakesperean thespian fiercely guides and guards his daughter's acting career.

Admiral Was A Lady (1950)
Running Time: 87 mins Black & White
Starring: Edmond O'Brien, Wanda Hendrix, Johnny Sands, Hillary Brooke, Steve Brodie, Rudy Vallee.
Romantic comedy about a cute WAVE officer who is pursued relentlessly by a batch of fun-loving men. Dir. Albert S. Rogell

Affair In Monte Carlo (1952)
Running Time: 75 mins Black & White
Starring: Merle Oberon, Richard Todd, Leo Genn
A writer tells a crowd in a café about a woman he knows, who once feel deeply in love with a desperate, compulsive gambler.

All That I Have (1951)
Running Time: 55 mins Black & White
Starring: Houseley Stevenson, Donald Woods, Onslow Stevens
Dr. Charles Greyson is a famous and wealthy former surgeon. His nephews have taken him to court to challenge his competency, due to his recent inexplicable gifts of large amounts of cash to the church, and, apparently, to some nefarious scam artists. The film is portrayed as a courtroom drama first painting "Dr. Charlie" as incompetent and easily swindled, then telling his side of events and putting them into context. In the courtroom, and by use of flashback, we hear of Dr. Charlies' move away from impersonal contribution on an institutional level, and preferring to express Christian stewardship directly to people who need it, and by helping spread the word of God by donating to Mission fronts who fight fear, anxiety and destitution around the world. We even find the scam artists having turned a new leaf, and creating new lives for themselves. Message being that all that we are we owe to God, and the profits gained from our God-given abilities require care and thought before sharing.

Ambassador's Daughter (1956)
Running Time: 101 mins Color

Paris is the setting and the color photography is excellent. The slight story concerns de Havilland seeking to prove to her father (Edward Arnold) and a senator and his wife (Adolphe Menjou, Myrna Loy) that American servicemen aren't all wolves and to prove it has a harmless fling with a young G.I. (John Forsythe). Unfortunately, as in all Norman Krasna comedies, plot complications develop before she winds up in Forsythe's arms for an amusing final scene. The cast sparkles with some fine work by de Havilland, Myrna Loy, Adolphe Menjou, Edward Arnold and--in one of his funniest roles--Tom Noonan. Only bad piece of casting is John Forsythe--who looks wooden and uncomfortable throughout with no comic flair whatsoever. Despite this, de Havilland manages to give a spirited performance that won the Belgian Prix Femina for Best Actress in a comedy in '56.

Anatahan (1954)
Running Time: 95 mins Black & White
Starring: Akemi Negishi, T. Sugunuma, K. Onoe, T. Bandoh
Inspired by an actual event during WWII, Josef von Sternberg's Anatahan, tells the story of a dozen Japanese sailors who are stranded on the remote island of Anatahan during the waning days of the war. The war ends, unbeknownst to the men, but it is then that they engage in their own private war: for dominance of their island domain and possession of the sole woman in their midst, Keiko, the so-called "Queen Bee" of Anatahan (Akemi Negishi).

Anathan (1953)
Running Time: 90 mins Black & White
Starring: A. Negishi and T. Sugunuma
Joseph von Sternberg's final film about a woman marooned on a small island with 30 lecherous men. Filmed in Japan.

At War With The Army (1950)
Running Time: 93 mins Black & White
Starring: Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Danny Dayton, Polly Bergen.
Martin and Lewis' first starring vehicle has the duo as army recruits who get mixed up in all kinds of wild situations at their army base. Alvin Corwin is low man on the totem pole, and goes from one mishap to another at an army training camp in World War II. Great musical comedy, featuring Jerry Lewis at his slapstick best. Dir. Hal Walker.

Baby And The Battleship (1956)
Running Time: 96 mins Color
Starring: John Mills, Richard Attenborough.
While on leave, a sailor becomes the custodian of a baby and tries to hide him aboard his battleship. Written by Jay Lewis. Color. Dir. William Christy Cabanne.

Ballad Of A Soldier (1959)
Running Time: 88 mins Black & White
Starring: Vladimir Ivashov.
For his courageous exploits, a soldier is given a six-day pass to visit his mother, but meets a woman instead. English subtitles.

Barbarians (1953)
Running Time: 43 mins Black & White

Barrier Of The Law (1950)
Running Time: 81 mins Black & White
Starring: Rossano Brazzi, Jacques Sernas.
Young girl falls in love with a police lieutenant who is trying to break up an organized gang. English dubbed.

Basketball Fix, The (1951)
Running Time: 65 mins Black & White
Starring: John Ireland, Marshall Thompson, Vanessa Brown.
Up-and-coming ball player finds himself up to his neck in gambling debts and must shave points off the Big Game so crooks will leave him alone. Photographed by Stanley Cortez. Dir. Malcolm St. Clair.

Batchelor of Hearts (1958)
Running Time: 94 mins

German exchange student (Hardy Kruger) comes to the fictional University College, Cambridge. A collection of stereotypical but enjoyable Varsity capers ensue. Sylvia Syms is positively radiant - the proverbial English Rose. She has a knack for bringing the film to life whenever she appears on screen. The remainder of the players form a very predictable bunch of undergrads in their mid-twenties and profs in ttheir mid-eighties. Lovely views of the City, and one or two well orchestrated set-pieces (the raid on all-female college Girton is notable) make this effortless viewing.

Battle Of Austerlitz (1959)
Running Time: 118 mins Color
Starring: Pierre Mondy, Martine Carol, Jean Marais, Vittorio De Sica, Jack Palance, Orson Welles.
Sequel to Gance's own 1927 historical masterpiece "Napoleon", chronicles the events leading up to the battle between Napoleon and the Austrian/Russian army. Written by Abel Gance. English dubbed. Dir. Abel Gance

Behave Yourself (1951)
Running Time: 81 mins
Starring: Farley Granger, Shelley Winters, Lon Chaney, Hans Conreid, Elisha Cook Jr.
Winters and Granger as young married couple with a pet dog wanted by a criminal gang.

Behind Closed Shutters (1951)
Running Time: 90 mins Black & White
Starring: Massimo Girotti, Eleonora Rossi Drago, Giulietta Masina
Sandra searches for her missing sister. For this, she enters the morally degraded seaside of Genoa.

Beneath The Twelve Mile Reef (1953)
Running Time: 101 mins
Starring: Robert Wagner
Nautical adventure about the rich reefs off of the coast of Florida and the intense, sometimes deadly competition that arises betwen groups of divers that stake their claim. Shot on location in Tarpon Springs. AAN Cinematography.

Bermuda Affair (1956)
Running Time: 01:23:01:00 Black & White
Starring: KIM HUNTER
Decision made by two pilots in a failing plane with only one parachute. How their past lives affect their decision.

Beyond All Limits (1959)
Running Time: 114 mins Color
Starring: María Félix, Jack Palance, Pedro Armendáriz
In the Mexican fishing village of Topolobampo, a man has his pride and a woman has her reputation. Pepe, a hothead jailed once for violence, is tested when a drunken sailor's chance remark gets him doubting that his wife Magdalena's child is his. After a six-year absence, gringo Jim Gatsby is in town with a scheme to make a lot of money using a depth reader to locate schools of shrimp: he'll wait outside the limits of Mexican waters and shrimpers will bring him their catch. It's illegal, but should be foolproof. The fishing scheme goes awry as Pepe's jealousy consumes him. If adults think only of themselves, can a child's innocence save anyone?

Big Bluff, The (1955)
Running Time: 70 mins Black & White
Starring: Eve Miller, John Bromfield, Martha Vickers, Robert Hutton, Rosemarie Stack, Eddie Bee.
Con-man marries a wealthy woman who only has a year to live. Unfortunately, but she makes an amazing recovery, leaving her new husband to think up a new way to get rid of her. Written by Star Trek co-producer Fred Freiberger. Dir. W. Lee Wilder

Big Lift, The (1950)
Running Time: 119 mins Black & White
Starring: Montgomery Clift, Paul Douglas, Cornell Borchers, Bruni L?bel, O.E. Hasse.
Two daredevil pilots risk everything to get supplies past a Russian blockade to those starving in Berlin. A airecrewman and air traffic controller become involved with German women during the Berlin airlift of WWII. Filmed on location in Berlin 1950, a testament to the true destruction of the area. Thoughtful and well done. Written by George Seaton. Dir. George Seaton

Big Timber (1951)
Running Time: 75 mins Black & White
Starring: Roddy McDowall, Jeff Donnell, Lyn Thomas, Lyle Talbot
Description Coming Soon

Bigamist (1953)
Running Time: 79 mins Black & White
Starring: Edmond O'Brien, Joan Fontaine, Ida Lupino, Edmund Gwenn.
Traveling businessman finds himself married to two different women.

Biography (1950)
Running Time: 60 mins Black & White
Starring: Gertrude Lawrence, Kevin McCarthy
A magazine asks a portrait artist to write her memoirs, telling about all the celebrities she's consorted with in her career. Objecting is a one-time flame from her youth who has turned into a stuffy politician.

Birthday Present (1957)
Running Time: 100 mins Black & White
Starring: Tony Britton, Sylvia Syms, Jack Watling, Marion Crawford.
Toy salesman's life is transformed when he is accused of smuggling a watch through customs. Dir. D.W. Griffith.

Black Archer, The (1959)
Running Time: 72 mins Black & White
Starring: Gerald Landry, Milly Vitale
Spectacular medieval adventure with a count's son plotting revenge for his father's death. Disguising himself as the mysterious "Black Archer", he wins the day after plenty of rousing swordplay and swashbuckling.

Black Glove, The (aka Face The Music) (1954)
Running Time: 84 mins Black & White
Starring: Alex Nicol, Eleanor Summerfield, John Salew
Newly arrived in Britain, a jet-lagged musician impulsively goes to the apartment of a beautiful blues singer he's just met and hours later is accused of her murder.

Black Tide (Aka Stormy Crossing) (1957)
Running Time: 79 mins Black & White
Starring: John Ireland, Sheldon Lawrence, Derek Bond, John Horsley, Maureen Connell, Joy Webster.
American brothers Griff and Danny are in England to swim the Channel when they meet a pretty swimmer who agrees to cross with Danny. During the swim she mysteriously dies and Danny vows to avenge her, but when he disappears during a morning swim, Griff is left to catch a killer before he vanishes forever. Produced by Monty Berman. Dir. C.M. Pennington-Richards

Blackbeard The Pirate (1952)
Running Time: 98 mins Color
Starring: Linda Darnell
In 1674, "reformed" pirate Sir Henry Morgan is a high official in Jamaica, but Edward Maynard hopes to win a large reward by proving Morgan still dabbles in piracy. Maynard goes undercover as ship's surgeon with a Morgan henchman...who's been supplanted by notorious Blackbeard himself. Also on the ship is Edwina Mansfield, seemingly a damsel in distress, to whom there's much more than meets the eye. In color.

Blue Peter (1959)
Running Time: 93 mins Color
Starring: Kieron Moore, Greta Gynt, Mervyn Johns, Sarah Lawson, Harry Fowler.
Disillusioned war hero finds hope when he becomes athletic director at a boy's camp. Color. Dir. Leni Riefenstahl.

Bomb For A Dictator (1957)
Running Time: 71 mins Black & White
Starring: Pierre Fresnay, Gregorire Aslan.
Tale of an assassination plot on a South American dictator.

Borderline (1950)
Running Time: 88 mins Black & White
Starring: Fred Macmurray, Raymond Burr, Claire Trevor
Determinted policewoman goes undercover to exposure a Mexican drug ring and ends up hooking up with an undercover gangster!

Boy From Indiana (1950)
Running Time: 66 mins Black & White
Starring: Lois Butler, Billie Burke
Description Coming Soon

Bread, Love, and Dreams (1953)
Running Time: 90 mins Black & White
Starring: Cittorio De Sica, Gina Lollobrigida
Description Coming Soon

Breakdown (1952)
Running Time: 76 mins Black & White
Starring: Ann Richards, William Bishop, Sheldon Leonard, Ann Gwynne, Richard Benedict.
Boxer is set up by his girlfriend's father to take the blame for a murder.

Breathless (A Bout De Souffle) (1959)
Running Time: 90 mins Black & White
Starring: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jean Seberg, Jean-Pierre Melville.
Carefree Parisian crook falls in love with an American girl, with tragic results. This is the one! Many times better than the Eighties remake. Goddard's first film. English subtitles. Dir. Jean-Luc Goddard.

Bride Is Much Too Beautiful (1958)
Running Time: 90 mins Black & White
Starring: Brigitte Bardot, Louis Jourdan, Micheline Presle, Marcel Amont.
Bardot plays a French farm girl who becomes a famous model. English dubbed.

Burmese Harp (1956)
Running Time: 106 mins Black & White

Dir. Don Ichikawa.

Campaign In Poland (1959)
Running Time: 90 mins Black & White

Chronicles the German invasion of Poland. Dir. Fritz Hippier.

Canon City (1958)
Running Time: 82 mins Black & White
Starring: Scott Brady, Whit Bissel, Jeff Corey
Story of a prison break in a small Colorado town and the right of terror that followed. Filmed in semidocumentary style.

Captain Black Jack (1952)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: George Sanders, Agnes Moorehead, Herbert Marshall, Patricia Roc.
Riviera socialite is really a smuggler posing as a undercover agent, but she meets up with a doctor who is posing as a detective. Written by Julien Duvivier. Dir. Julien Duvivier.

Captain Scarface (1953)
Running Time: 70 mins Black & White
Starring: Lief Erickson
The hunt is on for a mystery ship in the Pacific that is said to be destined to destry the Suez Canal.

Capture, The (1950)
Running Time: 81 mins Black & White
Starring: Lew Ayres, Teresa Wright, John Sturges, Victor Jory, Duncan Renaldo, Jacqueline White, Jimmy Hunt.
Oil baron kills an employee he suspects of robbery, but is plagued by conscience when he finds out the man was innocent. Written and Produced by Niven Busch. Dir. John Sturges

Caretaker's Daughter (1952)
Black & White
Starring: Hugh Wakefield, Derek Bond, Michael Medwin.
A troupe of actors perform an array of identities to fluster their impresario's wife. Dir. John Sturges.

Carnival Story (1954)
Running Time: 94 mins Color
Starring: Anne Baxter, Steve Cochran, Lyle Bettger, George Nader.
Beautiful, starving street urchin becomes a high-diving trapeze star, but tragedy ensues when two men pine for her attentions. Filmed in Munich. Written by Kurt Neumann. Color. Dir. Kurt Neumann.

Castle In the Air (1952)
Running Time: 90 mins Black & White
Starring: David Tomlinson, Helen Cherry, Margeret Rutherford Barbara Kelly
The English owner of a Scottish castle discovers that it is haunted by the spirit of a beautiful woman. He decides to use the ghost as a tourist attraction for his castle.

Cause For Alarm (1951)
Running Time: 74 mins Black & White
Starring: Loretta Young, Barry Sullivan, Bruce Cowling, Margalo Gillmore, Irving Bacon, Don Haggerty.
Woman must retrieve a letter containing manufactured evidence tying her to the murder of her mentally ill husband, who died of a heart-attack. Dir. Tay Garnett

Cause for Alarm (1951)
Black & White
Starring: Loretta Young
Invalid George Jones is both physically and mentally ill. He mistakenly believes his wife Ellen and his doctor are having an affair and also planning to kill him. He writes a letter to his lawyer detailing their alleged murder plot. After he has Ellen give the letter to their postman, he reveals its contents to her and then threatens her with a gun. The excitement proves to much and George suffers a fatal collapse. Now Ellen must find a way to retrieve the incriminating letter.

Charade (1954)
Running Time: 83 mins Color
Starring: James Mason, Pamela Mason, Scott Forbes
A husband and wife discuss three incidents that occurred in various situations.

Charles Dickens' The Christmas Carol (1958)
Running Time: 60 mins
Starring: Robert Clarke, Taylor Holmes, George James
A 1958 re-broadcast of the 1949 television version of Dickens's story, this time telecast as an episode of "Family Theatre".

Circle Of Danger (1951)
Running Time: 86 mins Black & White
Starring: Ray Milland, Patricia Roc, Marius Goring
Clay Douglas an American, comes to England, to find out the truth behind his brothers death during a commando operation in occupied France. After tracking down the surviving members of the raid, he confronts the killer, only to be told the truth about what really happened.

Contraband Spain (1955)
Running Time: 78 mins Color (Eastmancolor)
Starring: Richard Greene, Anouk Aimée, Michael Denison
Robin Hood star Richard Greene plays an agent who goes to the French-Spanish border to round up some smugglers and counterfeiters after his brother is murdered. He is helped by singer Anouk Aimee, who he falls in love with.

Cousins (Les Cousins) (1959)
Running Time: 112 mins Black & White
Starring: Gerard Blain, Jean-Claude Brialy.
Hayseed Blain and city boy Brialy compete for the same girl. Produced and Written by Claude Chabrol. English subtitles. Dir. Claude Chabrol.

Cranes Are Flying (1957)
Running Time: 97 mins Black & White
Starring: Mikhail Kalatozov, Tatyana Samoylova, Alexei Batalov.
Anti-war love story about Soviet man sent to war, leaving behind the woman he loves. Produced and Written by Mikhail Kalatozov. Dir. Mikhail Kalatozov.

Crazy For Love (1952)
Running Time: 80 mins Black & White
Starring: Brigitte Bardot, Bourvil, Jane Marken, Nadine Basile
Another essentially Bardot vehicle, this movie has little plot other than inheritance with a nearly insurmountable stipulation. When the village idiot inherits the town inn, there is a stipulation that he must first get his grammar school diploma. Bourvil gets some good comedic scenes from the plot, while foiling a greedy cousin, played by Brigitte Bardot.

Crossed Swords (1954)
Running Time: 86 mins Color
Starring: Errol Flynn
Adventurer sets out to save princess' father's kingdom.

Crow Hollow (1952)
Running Time: 69 mins Black & White
Starring: Donald Huston, Natasha Parry, Nora Nicholson
Nicholson plans to poison Huston's bride in order to gain an inheritance.

Crusader (1955)
Running Time: 30 mins Black & White
Starring: Brian Keith, Edwin Reimers, Arthur Space
In revenge for the Communist government in Poland having sent his mother to a concentration camp where she died, Matt Anders devotes himself to freeing others from totalitarian countries.

Cry From The Streets, A (1959)
Running Time: 93 mins Black & White
Starring: Max Bygraves, Barbara Murray
Moving drama of homeless children in London welfare Center and the efforts of young social worker to improve their worlds.

Cyrano De Bergerac (1950)
Running Time: 113 mins Black & White
Starring: Jose Ferrer
Cryano, master of sword and poetry is doomed to live with a face of ugliness. He uses the voice of his rival to deliver his message of love to the woman he admires. Famous story of the poetic cavalier who, because of a substantial nasal endowment, finds himself too ugly to be loved. Dir. Michael Gordon. Academy award for Ferrer's performance.

Dance Hall Racket (1958)
Running Time: 59 mins Black & White
Starring: Lenny Bruce, Honey Harlow
Fast and furious action suspense drama and the exploitation of sex. Studded with Sordid Characters of the underworld.

Day of Triumph (1954)
Running Time: 110 mins Color
Starring: Lee J. Cobb, Robert Wilson, Joanne Dru
First film since 1927 recounting Christ's crucifixion and resurrection.

Running Time: 65 mins Black & White
In this suspenser, set upon the campus of a women's college, a strangler has come to call. Death ensues. The music instructor suspects that the killer is a member of the college.

Deep Six (1958)
Running Time: 110 mins Color
Starring: Alan Ladd, Dianne Foster, William Bendix, James Whitmore, Keenan Wynn, Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
A conservative Quaker (Alan Ladd) works for an advertising agency and is about to marry his fiancée (Dianne Foster). However, the onset of World War II necessitates his enlistment into the Army. Assigned to be a gunner aboard a warship, the man's peaceful intentions are tested by skeptical shipmates and a grudgeful lieutenant commander.

Devil In Silk (1956)
Running Time: 102 mins Black & White
Starring: Curt Jurgens, Lilli Palmer, Winnie Markus, Adelheid Seeck, Hans Nielsen.
Psychotically jealous wife commits suicide, but makes it look like her unfaithful husband killed her. English dubbed. Dir. Rolf Hansen

Devil's Sleep (1951)
Running Time: 81 mins Black & White
Starring: Lita Grey Chaplin, John Mitchum, Timothy Farrell, William Thomason, Tracy Lynn.
Narcotics ring preys on teens but is intimidated by the inquest of a crusading juvenile-court judge. The bad guys involve the judge's daughter in the ring in an attempt to stop the investigation. Produced by George Weiss.

Diamond Hunters (Aka Death In The Garden) (1956)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Simone Signoret, Georges Marchal, Charles Vanel, Michel Piccoli, Tito Junco.
After fleeing a South American diamond mining village, a group of misfits including a monk, his deaf-mute daughter, a prostitute and a miner must depend on each other as they trek through the jungle. English dubbed. Dir. Luis Bu?uel

Diplomatic Passport (1954)
Running Time: 78 mins Black & White
Starring: Honor Blackman, Marsha Hunt, Paul Carpenter, Henry Oscar
A diplomat and his wife arrive in London, and are soon involved in a series of confusing and sometimes frightening events that have no apparent explanation.

Dishonorable Discharge (1958)
Running Time: 105 mins Black & White
Starring: Eddie Constantine, Pascale Roberts, Lisa Bourdin, Lino Ventura
This actioner is adapted from Hemingway's story To Have and Have Not. It is about the captain helming a luxury cruise ship filled with narcotics.

Doll That Took The Town (1956)
Running Time: 81 mins Black & White
Starring: Elisa Cegani, Antonio Cifariello, Franco Fabrizi, Haya Harareet, Virna Lisi, Serge Reggiani
The "doll"in this Italian seriocomedy is played by Virna Lisi. Craving attention, Virna claims that she has been robbed and assaulted. Thanks to this artifice, she becomes a celebrity, and then a high-priced model. Her chickens come home to roost when three innocent men are arrested and charged for the non-existent robbery and rape. Virna is all for keeping her mouth shut, but her resolve is weakened by Haya Harareet, the wife of one of the accused. Doll That Took the Town was originally released as La Donna Del Giorno. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Doorway To Suspicion (1954)
Running Time: 66 mins Black & White
Starring: Jeffrey Lynn, Linda Carroll, Dagmar Diaz.
Bandleader marries a beautiful, mysterious woman, but when she tells him a secret about her occupation, she is subsequently kidnapped, and her husband must play a desperate game to get her back. Well made, obscure thriller. Dir. William Nigh.

Dream Of Jeanie, I (1952)
Running Time: 90 mins Black & White
Starring: Ray Middleton
A musical biography of American composer Stephen Foster.

Dressmaker (1956)
Running Time: 95 mins Black & White
Starring: Fernandel.
Tailor for men secretly competes with his wife's dressmaking trade. English subtitles.

Drums In The Deep South (1951)
Running Time: 87 mins Color
Starring: Guy Madison, James Craig, Barbara Payton, Barton MacLane.
Following their graduation from West Point, two roommates wind up fighting on opposite sides of the Civil War. Produced by Maurice and Frank King, Production design by William Cameron Menzies. Dir. William Cameron Menzies, B. Reeves Eason

East of Kilimanjaro (1957)
Running Time: 75 mins Color
Starring: Marshall Thompson, Gaby André, Kris Aschan
A free-lance photographer (Marshall Thompson) woos a doctor (Gaby Andre) trying to stop a cattle epidemic in Tanganyika.

Running Time: 00:59:07:00 Black & White
Starring: Peggy Ann Garner
A military intelligence spy is murdered in a library for the blind.

Eight Witnesses (1954)
Running Time: 67 mins Black & White
Starring: Peggy Ann Garner, Dennis Price
The eight witnesses of a murder of a scientist can only help so much as they are all blind.

El Alamein (1953)
Running Time: 67 mins Black & White
Starring: Scott Brady, Edward Ashley, Rita Moreno
A small group of men and a tank stave off a German attack in a Bedouin desert during World War II.

El Senor Fotografo (1953)
Running Time: 101 mins Black & White
Starring: Cantinflas, Rosita Arenas, Angel Garasa
The star of El Senor Fotografo was the incomparable Cantinflas. Per the title, Cantinflas plays a trouble-prone photographer, whose assignments inevitably end in slapstick confusion. The "straight" plotline concerns governmental corruption, a topic with which most Mexicans were all too familiar. With Cantinflas involved, the bad guys are routed in high comic fashion. The cinematography in El Senor Fotografo was in the skilled hands of Mexico's top lensman, Gabriel Figueroa. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Ellis In Freedomland (1950s)
Running Time: ## mins Color

Truly unique early industrial film from the early 50's, sponsored by Westinghouse in which an appliance salesman having trouble with sales falls asleep in a department store and all the mannequins come to life. Things really get weird when the appliances start talking to him with the voices of Lucille Ball, James Mason, Jerry Colonna, Chief Iron Eyes, Andy Devine and many more. You want the unusual? This is it!

Emergency Call (1952)
Running Time: 92 mins Black & White
Starring: Jack Warner, Anthony Steel, Joy Shelton, Earl Cameron.
Inspector must track down a rare blood type in order to save the life of a five-year-old girl suffering from leukemia. Written by Lewis Gilbert. Dir. Alfred E. Green.

En Carne Viva (1951)
Running Time: 91 mins Black & White
Starring: Rosa Carmina, Crox Alvarado, Rubén Rojo
A beautiful cabaret dancer falls in love with a marine, who promises to return and marry with her.

Eternal Waltz (1959)
Running Time: 98 mins Black & White
Starring: Bernhard Wicki, Hilde Krahl, Eduard Strauss Jr, Annemarie D?ringer.
Beautiful photography in gorgeous Vienna locations highlight this story of the charismatic "Waltz King", Johann Strauss. English Dubbed. Dir. Paul Verhoeven (no relation to the "RoboCop"/"Total Recall" director)

Everything Is Rhythm (1950)
Running Time: 57 mins Black & White
Starring: Harry Rory
Charming story about a bandleader who falls in love with a Princess.

Eye Witness (1950)
Running Time: 104 mins Black & White
Starring: Robert Montgomery, Leslie Banks
Adam Hayward (Robert Montgomery), a successful New York City defense lawyer, receives a cable that the British war buddy who saved his life at Anzio Beach is now in trouble with the law in England. Taking the advice of his secretary to go to England rather than wire money, Adam arrives in his friend's village to find him about to stand trial for the murder of the hired stable-hand, Lawrence. Hayward learns that a witness exists who can testify that his friend, Baxter, shot Lawrence in self-defense. But the other witness is a woman who fled the scene and will not want to expose herself by coming forward.

Fabulous World Of Jules Verne (1958)
Running Time: 83 mins Black & White
Starring: Lubor Tolos
When genius scientist Professor Roche (Ernest Navara) and his aide, Simon Hart (Louis Tock), are abducted by pirates, the professor doesn't understand the gravity of the situation. But Simon realizes that the pirates want to use Roche's newest invention -- a strong explosive -- for world domination. With Roche isolated, Simon tries to thwart the plans of pirate captain Artigas (Milo Holl) by sending a balloon with a message to the outside. Little does he know, Roche has a clever plan of his own.

Fast And The Furious, The (1954)
Running Time: 73 mins Black & White
Starring: John Ireland, Dorothy Malone, Iris Adrian.
Fugitive on the run from a murder frame-up picks up a woman and makes a run for the border by entering a car race. Dir. John Ireland.

Father's Little Dividend (1951)
Running Time: 82 mins Black & White
Starring: Elizabeth Taylor, Spencer Tracey.
Sequel to "Father of the Bride". Tracy marries off his daughter and becomes an reluctant grandfather.

Faustina (1957)
Running Time: 110 mins Black & White
Starring: María Félix, Fernando Rey, Tomas Blanco
Per its title, Faustina is a distaff variation on the Faust legend. In this case, Mexican film favorite Maria Felix plays a woman who sells her soul to the Devil in exchange for beauty and wisdom. Actually, she bargains with the Devil's assistant (Fernando Gomez), who happens to be one of the woman's former lovers. The would-be demon spends the rest of the film trying to thwart the poor woman's happiness, but eventually declares that he's still in love with her. Not to be taken seriously, Faustina was an enjoyable digression from the usual portentous fare at the 1957 Cannes Film Festival. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Fearmakers, The (1958)
Running Time: 83 mins Black & White
Starring: Dana Andrews
Dana Andrews stars as a returning war veteran who subversives in his Washington, D.C. ad agency. A well done Communist witch-hunt theme. Co-stars Dick Foran and Mel Torme.

Female Jungle (1955)
Black & White

Circumstantial evidence suggests that a neurotic detective (Lawrence Tierney) murdered a film star while he was drunk.

Fever Mounts In El Pao (1959)
Running Time: 97 mins Black & White
Starring: G?rard Philipe, Maria Felix, Jean Servais, Miguel Angel Ferriz.
When the governor of a fictional Latin American island is assassinated, his executive secretary is forced to take over temporarily until the new governor, a sadistic, brutal man, can assume power. English Dubbed. Dir. Luis Bu?uel.

Fighter, The (1952)
Running Time: 78 mins Black & White
Starring: Richard Conte, Vanessa Brown, Lee J. Cobb
Conte, a Mexican boxer, uses his winnings to buy arms in an effort to overthrow the dictator who murdered his family.

Final Appointment (1954)
Running Time: 61 mins Black & White
Starring: John Bentley, Eleanor Summerfield, Hubert Gregg
Bentley and Summerfield team up as reporter and his assistant to investigate a series of murders.

Fire One (1954)
Running Time: 53 mins Black & White
Starring: Don Ameche, Ian Hunter, Fred Baker
The commander (Don Ameche) and the designer (Ian Hunter) of the first nuclear-powered submarine clash on its first run.

Fires On The Plain (1959)
Running Time: 104 mins Black & White

Dir. Ichikawa. .

Flaming Urge, The (1953)
Running Time: 67 mins Black & White
Starring: Harold Lloyd Jr., Cathy Downs
In this cheap independent film, a pyromaniac is on the loose in a small town. Several good-looking young people fall under suspicion. Is it the obvious "punk" type or the clean-cut kid?

Floating Weeds (1959)
Running Time: 119 mins Color

Dir. Yasujiro Ozu. .

Forbidden Games (1952)
Running Time: 90 mins Black & White
Starring: Brigitte Fossey, George Poujouly.
When her parents are killed, a little girl takes refuge with a peasant family. Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Film. English subtitles.

Four In A Jeep (1951)
Running Time: 83 mins Black & White
Starring: Viveca Lindfors, Ralph Meeker.
Four soldiers in post-war Vienna clash over their country's political demands. English Dubbed.

Running Time: 01:12:00:02 Black & White
Four men rob cashier's office in rome, each seeks way out of crime, each way is a trap.

Frantic (1958)
Running Time: 92 mins Black & White
Starring: Maurice Ronet, Jeanne Moreau.
Former commando plans the perfect murder, but is drawn into confusion and hysteria when teenagers use his gun to murder tourists. Music by Miles Davis. English subtitles. Dir. Richard Cunha.

French Touch, The (1954)
Running Time: 81 mins Black & White
Starring: Fernandel, Renee Devillers
Description Coming Soon

Fuss Over Feathers (Aka Conflict Of Wings) (1953)
Running Time: 84 mins Color
Starring: John Gregson, Muriel Pavlow, Kieron Moore
The British Conflict of Wings was also released as Fuss over Feathers: Both titles are applicable, but only the second title captures the mood of the proceedings. The story takes plays in a Norfolk-country village, where the populace is up in arms over the announcement that the RAF plans to build a target range. It seems that the village is the site for a bird sanctuary that was allegedly established 400 years earlier by King Henry VIII. Faced with an intractable government and an equally unsympathetic bureaucracy, the villages decide to resolve matters in their own inimitable way. Commendably, the RAF is not cast as the villain of the piece: both sides are well represented in the argument, though audience sympathy understandably leans in the direction of the bird-huggers. Conflict Over Wings was adapted by Don Sharp from his own novel. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Galloping Major, The (1951)
Running Time: 01:21:21:00 Black & White
English villagers buy a race horse and try to enter him in the Grand National. He wins local race by being slower than others.

Gang Busters (1955)
Running Time: 78 mins Black & White
Starring: Myron Healy, Don C. Harvey, Sam Edwards, Frank Gerstle.
Prisoners plan a breakout. Dir. Lambert Hillyer.

Gangster Story (1959)
Running Time: 65 mins Black & White
Starring: Walter Matthau
Hoodlum Jack Martin is on the lam and robs a small town bank which brings the local cops and local crime boss into the mix.

Gift Horse (1952)
Running Time: 99 mins Black & White
Starring: Trevor Howard, Richard Attenbourough, Sonny Tufts, Bernard Lee, James Donald
Excellent cast in exciting WWII drama. A demanding iron-handed battleship commander wins the respect of his crew when he guides them out of a tight spot with the enemy.

Girl On The Run (1953)
Running Time: 64 mins Color
Starring: Richard Coogan, Rosemary Pettit, Frank Albertson
Police investigate a murder that occurred in a burlesque theater.

Girl Rosemarie (1959)
Running Time: 99 mins Black & White
Starring: Nadja Tiller, Carl Raddatz, Peter van Eyck
Originally Das Madchen Rosemarie, this German "musical tragedy" has a lot in common with the Bertold Brecht/Kurt Weill theatrical pieces The Threepenny Opera and The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahoganny; in fact, the music heard throughout was taken from Weill's backlog. Austrian beauty contest winner Nadja Tiller plays the prostitute heroine, based on a real-life call girl whose predilection for blackmailing her high-profile customers ended with her mysterious death in 1957. The film was advertised as a "satire," with the satirical level exemplified by a chorus of capitalist businessmen rhythmically opening and closing their briefcases. The "frivolity" of Rosemary is punctuated by moments of chilling horror, including the film's bleak denouement. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Girls At Sea (1958)
Running Time: 84 mins Black & White
Starring: Guy Rolfe
What happens when three British women are left behind during a shipboard party.

Girls at Sea (1958)
Black & White
Starring: Guy Rolfe
Totally cute, albeit little known film, about fun-loving sailors in the British Royal Navy who try to 'smuggle' aboard ship a collection of pretty girls to spice up the sailors' drab life at sea.

Go For Broke (1951)
Running Time: 91 mins Black & White
Starring: Van Johnson
WWII story with a twist: Johnson is the commander of a special U.S. squad made up of Japanese-American soldiers. The true life unit went on to become one of the most decorated in the American army. AAN Screenplay.

Go For Broke! (1951)
Running Time: 92 mins Black & White
Starring: Van Johnson, Warner Anderson, Kane Nakano, Gianna Maria Canale, Warner Anderson, Don Haggerty, Henry Nakamura.
An inexperienced, racist officer is assigned to lead and train a special unit made up of Japanese-Americans. Based on the real-life 442nd Regiment, this film contains many veterans of that team. Dir. Robert Pirosh

Go Man Go (1954)
Running Time: 82 mins Color
Starring: Dane Clark, Patricia Breslin, Sidney Poitier
The story of Abe Saperstein and the creation of the Harlem Globetrotters.

Gobs And Gals (1951)
Running Time: 86 mins Black & White
Starring: George Bernard, Bert Bernard, Robert Hutton
Two sailors (Robert Hutton) mail love letters from a remote weather station, enclosing photos of their chief (Cathy Downs).

God's Little Acre (1958)
Running Time: 112 mins Black & White
Starring: Robert Ryan, Aldo Ray, Tina Louise, Buddy Hackett, Jack Lord, Vic Morrow, Michael Landon, Rex Ingram.
Poor Georgia farmer believes there is buried treasure on his land, and neglects his farm to look for it.

Go-Getter (1954)
Running Time: 72 mins Black & White
Starring: Hank McCune, Beverly Garland, Ray Collins
Accident prone professional college student and all-around failure must become a success in order to keep a major endowment for the college.

Gold Of Naples (1957)
Running Time: 107 mins Black & White
Starring: Sophia Loren, Vittorio De Sica, Toto, Paolo Stoppa, Eduardo de Filippo.
Several sketches filled with romance, tragedy, and humor, depicts life in Naples. Written by Vittorio De Sica. English dubbed. Dir. Vittorio De Sica.

Golden Gloves Story (1950)
Running Time: 76 mins Black & White
Starring: James Dunn, Dewey Martin
Description Coming Soon

Golden Salamander, The (1951)
Running Time: 96 mins Color
Starring: Trevor Howard, Anouk Aimee
No Sypnopsis Available

Great Rupert, The (1950)
Running Time: 86 mins Black & White
Starring: Jimmy Durante, Terry Moore, Tom Drake.
An impoverished family of acrobats is befriended by a squirrel who helps them attain a fortune. Dir. Irving Pichel.

Great Rupert, The (1950)
Black & White
Starring: Jimmy Durante
The story of Cardinal Josef Mindzhenty, a Roman Catholic cardinal from Hungary who spoke out against both the Nazi occupation of his country during World War II and the Communist regime that replaced it after the war. Mindzhenty was arrested, tortured and eventually released, but was persecuted to the extent that he wound up taking refuge in the US Embassy in Budapest for many years, still acting as a spokesman for the Hungarians who wanted the Russian occupation forces and their Hungarian collaborators out of the country.

Great St. Louis Bank Robbery (1959)
Running Time: 84 minutes Black & White
Starring: Steve McQueen
Dir: Charles Guggenheim. 19-year-old McQueen stars as the getaway driver in a St. Louis bank robbery that does not go quite as planned.

Green Glove, The (1952)
Running Time: 89 mins Black & White
Starring: Glenn Ford
Top-notch thriller set after World War 11 featuring Glenn Ford as an ex-paratrooper hired by a church to find a bejeweled glove lifted by ex-Nazi crook George Macready. Geraldine Brooks and Gaby Andre also star in this atmospheric yarn.

Green Grow The Rushes (1951)
Running Time: 78 mins Color
Starring: Roger Livesey, Honor Blackman, Richard Burton, Harcourt Williams.
English government tries to stop brandy smuggling, but can they do it before the townspeople drink the evidence? Written by Derek Twist.

Groom Wore Spurs (1951)
Running Time: 80 mins Black & White
Starring: Ginger Rogers, Jack Carson, Joan Davis
Lawyer Ginger Rogers is hired to keep dumb cowboy Jack Carson out of trouble.

Groucho Marx (Pilot) (1950)
Running Time: ## mins Black & White
Starring: Groucho Marx
1950 pilot of 'You Bet Your Life' recorded live with all the bloopers left in. A rare one!

Guilded Cage, The (1955)
Running Time: 77 mins Black & White
Starring: Alex Nicol, Veronica Hurst, Clifford Evans
Steve and Harry become involved in an art theft. Harry is framed by the crooks, and arrested by the police. Steve has to prove his brother's innocence.

Running Time: 86 mins Black & White
Starring: Peter Reynolds, Patrick Holt, Lawrence O'Madden
After a failed bank robbery the getaway driver flees to the Devon countryside and the farm of his uncle.

Gun Girls (1957)
Running Time: 67 mins Color
Starring: Eve Brent, Timothy Farrell, Jeanne Ferguson
A gang of teenage girls, looking for kicks and ignoring their probation officers' warnings, embark on a crime spree of robberies and burglaries.

Gunmen In The Streets (1950)
Running Time: 88 mins Black & White
Starring: Boris Lewin, Frank Tuttle
Eddie Roback (Dane Clark), an American army deserter turned criminal, is going to trial in Paris after a ten-month delay when he is sprung on his way to court in a pitched gun battle. A manhunt ensues with the police just a few paces behind, including a nicely staged scene in a department store in which Roback manages to improvise an escape, only to be standing by across the street from his intended destination as his waiting confederates are taken by the police. Investigators try to get ahead of him by reaching out his girlfriend, Denise Vernon (Simone Signoret). Feigning innocence, she makes contact with the wounded Roback, who is turned away by his former associates in his attempts to find shelter and escape. She eventually finds him a hiding place in the studio of Max Salva, a lecherous photographer with a sadistic streak, who may have given Roback up to the police. Denise tries to find him a way out of the country, with money from an American writer, Frank Clinton (Robert Duke), while the police slowly catch on to Roback's whereabouts, drawing the net ever closer. Several battles of wits unfold at once, drawing the viewer in, across intertwining, overlapping plot elements. Even nature raises its hand against Roback as a crippling fog slows his seemingly easy escape to Belgium. All of the players are drawn together for a final confrontation that is every bit as violent as anything seen in American crime films of the period.

Harassed Hero, The (1954)
Running Time: 61 mins Black & White
Starring: Guy Middleton, Elwyn Brook Joans
Bachelor accidentally becomes involved with gang of counterfeiters. Series of hilarious incidents when both the police and the gang try to get the plates.

Head Against The Walls (1959)
Running Time: 95 mins Black & White
Starring: Anouk Aimee.
Lawyer tries to teach his rebellious son a lesson by committing him to a mental institution, from which he constantly dreams of escape. English subtitles.

Headless Ghost (1959)
Running Time: 62 mins Color
Starring: Richard Lyon, Liliane Sottane, David Rose
Three teenagers encounter a ghost who is in limbo until he retrieves his lost head. They do their bit to help him find it.

Heart & Soul (1950)
Running Time: ## mins Black & White

Dir. Vittorio de Sica.

Her Bridal Night (1958)
Running Time: 85 mins Black & White
Starring: Bridgitte Bardot
Description Coming Soon

Hidden Room, The (1950)
Black & White
Clive Riordan plans a devilish revenge against his wife's lover.

High Lonesome (1950)
Running Time: 80 mins Black & White
Starring: John Drew Barrymore, Chill Wills, John Archer, Lois Butler, Jack Elam, Kristine Miller.
Drifter is suspected in a series of murders, but while he is in jail, the real killers plot to take their revenge on the community.. Dir. Alan LeMay

High School Big Shot (1959)
Running Time: 70 mins Color
Starring: Tom Pittman, Virginia Aldridge, Howard Veit
Marv needs money. His unemployed dad is so poor that he makes Marv give up half his last six bucks so they can both go on three-dollar dates; he's just lost his scholarship after getting caught writing a term paper for Betty, the prettiest (and only) girl in his class; and Betty herself has told him he doesn't stand a chance with her unless he can give her what she wants most: money, money, money. But Marv has mob ties and Marv knows where to find a million dollars cash...

Hill In Korea, A (aka Hell In Korea) (1956)
Running Time: 80 mins Black & White
Starring: Stephen Boyd, Ronald Lewis, George Baker
During the Korean War retreat in 1951, a small British recon group is surrounded by Chinese troops and holds out in a lonely temple atop a hill.

Hill Number One (1959)
Running Time: 50 mins Black & White
Starring: Roddy McDowell, John Wayne, James Dean (Small Role).
G.I.'s in Korea in 1951 are explained the meaning of life and by a preacher.

Hiroshima Mon Amour (1959)
Running Time: 88 mins Black & White
Starring: Emmanuelle Riva, Eiji Okada.
Specter of history darkens the affair between a lonely French actress and the Japanese architect. English subtitles. Dir. Roy Mack.

Holiday Affair (1955)

Hollywood Off-Beat (Volume 1) (1952)
Running Time: 50 mins Black & White
Starring: Melvyn Douglas
PERFECT ALIBI: Randall investigates a baffling jewel theft at a big movie studio, with suspicions falling on a studio guard whose alibi doesn't seem to check out. THE QUIET LIONS: Against his better judgement Randall tries to help a movie producer/director out of a jam involving a young female blackmailer who has been found dead. Guest Stars: Stephen (The Shadow on radio for 1/2 season) Courtleigh, Murial Hutchenson. Dir. Breezy Eason.

Hollywood Thrillmakers (1953)
Running Time: 59 mins Black & White
Starring: James Gleason, Bill Henry.
Film producer uses stunt men with little regard for safety.

Home Town Story (1951)
Running Time: 60 mins Black & White
Starring: Jeffrey Lynn, Donald Crisp, Marilyn Monroe, Marjorie Reynolds, Barbara Brown.
Politician is convinced that a big business conspiracy is behind his election loss. Monroe has a small role.Dir. Terence Fisher.

Hometown Story (1951)
Running Time: 62 mins Black & White
Starring: Marilyn Monroe, Jeffrey Lynn, Alan Hale Jr., Donald Crisp, Marjorie Reynolds
Blake Washburn blames manufacturer MacFarland for his defeat in the race for re-election to the state legislature. He takes over his uncle's newspaper to take on big business as an enemy of the people. Miss Martin (Marilyn Monroe) works in the "Herald" newspaper office. When tragedy strikes, Blake must re-examine his views.

Hoodlum, The (1951)
Running Time: 64 mins Color
Starring: Lawrence Tierney, Allene Roberts, Marjorie Riordan, Edward Tierney
An ex-con struggles to stay straight and his brother helps him to get an honest job. But temptation is too strong when he sees an opportunity to rob an armored car.

Houdini (1953)
Running Time: 106 mins Black & White
Starring: Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh, Torin Thatcher
The spectacular but tragically short career of magician and illusionist Harry Houdini whose tricks defied explanation and safety.

Hour of Decision (1957)
Running Time: 70 mins Black & White
Starring: Jeff Morrow, Hazel Court, Lionel Jeffries
Description Coming Soon

Hurricane At Pilgrim Hill (1953)
Running Time: 51 mins Black & White
Starring: Clem Bevans, Cecil Kelleway, Pop Sneedly.
Cantankerous old screwball visits his son in Pilgrim Hill.

I Dream Of Jeanie (1952)
Running Time: 90 mins Black & White
Starring: Bill Shirley, Ray Middleton, Muriel Lawrence
This is the most panned of the three biographies of songsmith Stephen Foster. Though made on a tiny budget and suffering from limp direction, it does feature 21 of Foster's best-loved songs. The story portrays Foster as a mild, rather dense bookkeeper with a talent for songwriting. He is in love with a certain woman, but she coldly rejects him. Poor Foster becomes depressed and terribly uninspired. Fortunately, her sister is there to scoop him up and become his new muse.

I Vitelloni (The Young & The Passionate) (1953)
Running Time: 105 mins Black & White
Starring: Alberto Sordi
Dir. Fellini. A sensitive character study of five young men trapped in a small town on the Adriatic. Their discontentment and restlessness lead them into a variety of activities, not all of them admirable.

Il Bidone (1955)
Running Time: 92 mins Black & White
Starring: Broderick Crawford
Dir. Fellini. Il Bidone is the story of an old and tired con man, who one day, when it's too late, finds himself transformed after he's gone through a redemption of sorts. One of Fellini's least seen films.

I'll Give My Life (a.k.a. The Unfinished Task) (1959)
Running Time: 79 mins Color
Starring: Richard Benedict, John Bryant
In this tearjerker, a morally disparate father and son attempt to reconcile their differences. The father is a major construction magnate who has dreamed of his son taking over the lucrative family business. The father's heart is devastated when the son decides to become a missionary after graduating with an engineering degree and a great rift is formed between them, one that does not heal until a terrible tragedy ensues.

Illicit Interlude (1951)
Running Time: 95 mins Black & White
Starring: Maj-Britt Nilsson, Alf Kjellin.
Ballerina reads old diary and remembers romance with a young student. Written by Ingmar Bergman. English subtitles. Dir. Joseph Kane.

Immediate Disaster (aka Stranger From Venus) (1954)
Running Time: 75 mins Black & White
Starring: Patricia Neal, Helmut Dantine, Derek Bond
Tonight, first contact will be made! A beautifully-crafted tale of a superior being from Venus who has the power of life and death at his touch. Academy Award-winning actress Patricia Neal's glowing and sensitive performance as a woman caught up in the biggest event in history is complemented by Helmut Dantine's powerful, moving portrayal as the Stranger. Suggested by events in the sci-fi classic "The Day the Earth Stood Still," this film is a touching, humanizing and haunting story of "first contact" with a peaceful and advanced intelligence from another planet coming to Earth with an ultimatum and out-of-this-world powers to back it up.

Impulse (1955)
Running Time: 80 mins Black & White
Starring: Arthur Kennedy, Constance Smith, Joy Shelton, Jack Allen, James Carney.
When his wife leaves to visit mother, a young man is smitten with a dangerous nightclub singer and is plunged into a world of gangsters and diamond smugglers. Dir. Charles de la Tour, Cy Endfield

Indiscretion Of An American Wife (1954)
Running Time: 64 mins Black & White
Starring: Montgomery Clift, Jennifer Jones
Jones, an American housewife on vacation in Rome has an affair with Clift. During their departure at a train station, they are caught making love for what would be the last time. AAN Costumes.

Innocents In Paris (1953)
Running Time: 102 mins Black & White
Starring: Peter Illing, Gaby Bruyère, James Copeland
A selection of passengers catch the plane from London for an early 1950's weekend in Paris. The Scotsman in his kilt, the elderly lady painter, the international negotiator, and the pretty young girl all find the city welcomes them and changes their lives in some way.

Interrupted Melody (1955)
Running Time: 106 mins Black & White
Starring: Richard Todd, Valerie Boson
Eleanor Parker stars in this fact-based biography of Marjorie Lawrence, a famed opera singer who discovers she has polio. After falling in love with her physician, Dr. Thomas King, they marry, and despite her ailment, Lawrence battles to appear one final time at the New York Metropolitan Opera.

Into The Blue (Aka The Man In The Dinghy) (1951)
Running Time: 75 mins Black & White
Starring: Michael Wilding, Odile Versois, Jack Hulbert, Constance Cummings, Edward Rigby.
A couple on a yacht bound for Norway discover a mysterious stowaway aboard. Produced by Herbert Wilcox and Michael Wilding. Dir. Herbert Wilcox

island Monster (1954)
Black & White
Starring: Boris Karloff
An Italian government agent is assigned to break up a drug smuggling ring on the island of Ischia but his daughter is kidnapped by the gang.

Isn't Life Wonderful (1953)
Running Time: 81 mins Black & White
Starring: Cecil Parker, Eileen Herlie, Donald Wolfit
In Edwardian England, alcoholic Uncle Willie (Donald Wolfit) is an embarrassment to his family. Head of the household father (Cecil Parker), decides to set Willie up as the manager of a bicycle shop, hoping to impress visiting American heiress Virginia van Stuyden (Dianne Foster). The surprise for everyone comes when Uncle Willie's little shop begins to prosper.

Jack And The Beanstalk (1952)
Running Time: 78 mins Color
Starring: Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Dorothy Ford, Buddy Baer, William Farnum.
Lou falls asleep while baby-sitting and dreams he's the Jack of the classic fairy tale. Dir. Walter Forde.

Jet Storm (1959)
Running Time: 88 mins Black & White
Starring: Stanley Baker, Richard Attenborough
Richard Attenborough plays Ernest Tilley, a man who lost his daughter in a hit-and-run accident. He tracks down the man responsible for the accident and boards the same plane, threatening to blow up himself and everyone on board as an act of vengeance. What follows is an Airport-type movie with all the passengers having their own little subplots and fears.

Johnny One-Eye (1950)
Black & White
Starring: Pat O'Brien
Big-time racketeer Martin Martin, on the eve of his projected move into New York politics, barely escapes the District Attorney's men who attempt to arrest him for a murder committed five-years earlier by Martin and his former partner Dane Cory. Martin, who knows that Cory has copped a plea with the D.A. to save himself, arranges a meeting. At the meeting, Cory's henchman, Cute Freddie, shoots Martin and the latter kills Freddie. Cory hides in the Greenwich Village apartment of his girl friend, burlesque queen Lily White. With them is Lily's six-year-old daughter, Elsie, and her dog Skipper. Martin trails Cory, but weakened by his bullet wound, is forced to seek refuge in an abandoned building next to Lily's. Bad-to-the-bone Cory kicks Skipper and the dog finds shelter with Martin, where Elsie finds them sleeping. Martin is charmed by Elsie and the dog, whom he names Johnny One-Eye...

Journey To Freedom (1957)
Running Time: 60 mins Color
Starring: Jacques Scott, Geneviève Aumont, George Graham
An Eastern European escapes to America, where Communist agents try to track him down.

Kangaroo (1952)
Running Time: ## mins
Starring: Maureen O'Hara, Peter Lawford and Richard Boone
Romantic adventure filmed on location in Austrailia. Lawford and Boone star as two desperate crooks trying to swindle a ranch from its owner. Filmed in breath taking Technicolor.

Kangaroo - The Australian Story (1952)
Running Time: 84 mins Black & White
Starring: Maureen O'Hara, Peter Lawford, Finlay Currie
In turn-of-the-century Australia two criminals ingratiate themselves with a rancher in order to swindle him.However, the two partners become rivals for the affection of the rancher's beautiful daughter.

Kansas City Confidential (1952)
Running Time: 99 mins Color
Starring: Neville Brand, Lee Van Cleef
Film noir piece in which small Time ex-con gets framed for a robbery. He then goes about searching for the real robbers, only to find that there are many shades of grey in the world of cops and robbers.

KEY MAN, THE (1957)
Running Time: 01:06:53:00 Black & White
Starring: Lee Patterson
British radio reporter solves a murder and finds the missing theft money in an attempt to get news for his radio program.

Kid Monk Baroni (Aka Young Paul Baroni) (1952)
Running Time: 80 mins Black & White
Starring: Richard Rober, Bruce Cabot, Allene Roberts, Leonard Nimoy, Jack Larson.
Parish priest tries to reform street punk Paul Baroni--nicknamed "Monk" because of his disfigured face--by teaching him how to box and involving him in church activities. All goes well for a time. Produced by Jack Broder. Dir. Wallace Fox.

Kill Or Be Killed (1950)
Running Time: 68 mins Black & White
Starring: Lawrence Tierney, George Coularis
Description Coming Soon

King Lear (1953)
Running Time: 75 mins
Starring: Orson Welles
A rarely seen filming of Peter Brook's production of the Shakespeare tradegy.

Running Time: 00:52:33:00 Black & White
When a woman's playboy lover is accidentally murdered by her husband, suspicion for the crime is mistakenly placed on their best friend.

Lady Mislaid A (1957)
Running Time: 00:59:18:00 Black & White
Starring: ALAN WHITE
Two sisters living peacefully in their country cottage are suddenly visited by police looking for a corpse.

Last Mile, The (1959)
Running Time: 81 mins Black & White
Starring: Mickey Rooney, Frank Overton, Michael Constantine
A prison break is attempted the same night an execution occurs on death row.

Last Time I Saw Paris (1954)
Running Time: 116 mins Color
Starring: Elizabeth Taylor, Van Johnson, Donna Reed, Eva Gabor, Roger Moore.
F. Scott Fitzgerald story about American writer who falls in love with a beautiful wealthy girl in post WWII Paris. Romantic tearjerker. Written by Richard Brooks. Color. Dir. Richard Brooks.

Lay That Rifle Down (1955)
Running Time: 71 mins Black & White
Starring: Judy Canova, Robert Lowery, Tweeny Canova (Judy's real-life sister).
Harried hotel worker invents a boyfriend to impress her snooty cousin, and convinces a con man to pretend he's her beau.

Le Cas Du Dr. Laurent (1958)
Running Time: 88 mins Black & White
Starring: Jean Gabin, Nicole Courcel.
Superstitious villagers oppose a country doctor's attempts to introduce natural childbirth. FRENCH LANGUAGE ONLY. Dir. Claude Chaubrol.

Le Plaisir (1951)
Running Time: 97 mins Black & White
Starring: Claude Dauphin, Simone Simon, Jean Gabin.
Three Guy de Maupassant stories concerning pleasure are presented; 'Le Masque', 'Le Modele' and 'La Maison Teillier'. English subtitles. Dir. Rene Claire.

Les Miserables Pt.2 (1957)
Running Time: 112 mins Color
Starring: Jean Gabin
Four part ( mins each) dubbed version of Victor Hugo's classic novel about the th century France.

Letters From My Windmill (1954)
Running Time: 116 mins Black & White
Starring: Henri Velbert, Yvonne Gamy.
Three short stories from director Pagnol; "The Three Low Masses", "The Elixir of Father Gaucher", and "The Secret of Master Cornille". English subtitles. Dir. John M. Stahl.

Liane, Jungle Goddess (1956)
Starring: Marion Michael
An expedition discovers blonde 16 year-old Liane venerated by the native tribe in the African jungle and returns her to Hamburg where she is welcomed by her grandfather, ship tycoon Von Amelongen. His nephew Schoening, present head of the firm and prospective heir, tries all to stop his uncle from acknowledging her, including perjury, destruction of evidence, and finally resorting to murder. He dies in an accident driving his car into the river in his flight from the police. There is a subplot around a love quadrangle centered around Thoren, who is secretly loved by biologist Jacqueline who is in turn courted by Hungarian Tibor. Thoren plays paternal protector to Liane before succumbing to her youthful charm and returning with her to the jungle.

L'idole (1952)
Running Time: 93 mins Black & White
Starring: Yves Montand, ALbert Prejean, Susanne Dehelly
Description Coming Soon

Life And Loves Of Mozart (1959)
Running Time: 87 mins Color
Starring: Oskar Werner, Johanna Matz, Erich Kunz, Nadja Tiller.
The great composer and Freemason's later life is chronicled. Takes place during the opening of "The Magic Flute", believed to be a tribute to Freemasonry, the promotion of which was banned in Austria. Written by Karl Hartl. Dir. Karl Hartl

Life At Emergnecy Ward 10 (1959)
Black & White
A new consultant at the hospital causes controversy by introducing a experimental modification to heart surgery.

Life at Stake, A (1954)
Black & White
Starring: Angela Lansbury, Keith Andes
An out-of-work architect meets a married woman who has a business proposition for him. The architect begins to suspect the woman's interest in him is not just financial and may actually be deadly.

Lilacs In The Spring (1954)
Running Time: 94 mins Color
Starring: Anna Neagle, Errol Flynn, Peter Graves, David Farrar, Kathleen Harrison.
Young actress is knocked unconscious during the Blitz and dreams she is Nell Gwyn, Queen Victoria and her own mother, before she wakes to face her personal problems. COLOR.

Lilli Marlene (1951)
Running Time: 75 mins Black & White
Starring: Lisa Daniely, Hugh McDermott, Richard Murdoch.
Nazis force a kidnapped girl to to collaborate with the enemy. Dir. Herbert Wilcox.

Limping Man, The (1953)
Running Time: 76 mins Black & White
Starring: Lloyd Bridges, Moira Lister, H?l?ne Cordet, Leslie Phillips, Alan Wheatley, Bruce Beeby.
Ex-soldier is drawn into solving an airport sniper killing that may involve a ring of spies, as well as his wartime lover. Dir. Charles de la Tour, Cy Endfield

Loan Shark (1952)
Black & White
Starring: George Raft
A vicious loan shark ring has been preying on factory workers. When several workers at a tire factory suffer violence at the hands of the loan sharkers

Lonely Hearts Bandits (1950)
Running Time: 60 mins Black & White
Starring: Dorothy Patrick, John Eldredge, Barbara Fuller, Robert Rockwell, Ann Doran, Dorothy Granger.
Police hunt for a husband and wife team posing as brother and sister, who con wealthy widows then murder them. Dir. George Blair

Lonely Sex (1959)
Running Time: 58 mins Color
Starring: Leon Benedict, Mary Gonzalez, Karl Light
Maniac kidnaps a young girl and holds her prisoner in a shack in the woods.

Long Dark Hall, The (1951)
Running Time: 86 mins Black & White
Starring: Rex Harrison
Arthur Groom works in London and has a devoted family in Richmond. Shortly after he starts seeing a showgirl she is found murdered and the circumstantial evidence points to the innocent if naive Groom.

LONG DARK HALL, The (1951)
Running Time: 97 mins Black & White
Wife stands by her husband when he is accused of murdering his girlfriend.

Long John Silver (1955)
Starring: Robert Newton, Rod Taylor
After the Treasure Island adventure, Long John Silver turns up on a British Caribbean island, where he hears that rival pirate Mendoza has taken the ship carrying the governor's daughter...and his young friend Jim Hawkins. Naturally, there's more to his rescue plan than meets the eye; he hopes to get a new ship and go back for more treasure...

Long John Silver's Return To Treasure Island (1954)
Running Time: 106 mins Color
Starring: Robert Newton, Kit Taylor, Lloyd Berrell, Grant Taylor, Syd Chambers.
Silver plans another search for treasure, this time battling a rival pirate who's kidnapped Jim and the governor's daughter. Dir. Byron Haskin

Los Olvidados (1950)
Running Time: 81 mins Black & White
Starring: Estela Inda, Alfonso Mejia, Roberto Cobo.
Powerful story of poverty and violence in the barrios of Mexico. English subtitles. Dir. Maurice Tourneur.

Running Time: 82 mins Black & White
Starring: Estela Inda
Spanish film with English subtitles

Lost Moment, The (1950)
Running Time: 92 mins Black & White
Starring: Susan Hayward, Robert Cummings
Description Coming Soon

Louisiana Hussy (1959)
Running Time: 85 mins Color
Starring: Nan Peterson, Robert Richards, Peter Coe
Cajun newlyweds must deal with the jealousy of his brother, who also loved her, and the arrival of a mysterious seductress in their bayou backwater.

Love Island (1952)
Running Time: 66 mins Black & White
Starring: Paul Valentine, Eva Gabor, Malcolm Lee Beggs
US-Navy pilot Lt. Richard Tabor crash-lands on a south Pacific isle called Love Island in English. Richard befriends the Balinese beauty Sarna. The bad and jealous Jaraka doesn't like their friendship, so he has Sarna's father Aryuna arrested on a vague charge. Jaraka tells Aryuna that he only will be released when his daughter marries him.

Love of Three Queens (1954)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Hedy Lamar, Gerard Oury, Massimo Serato
Film about the immortal essence of women starring Lamar.

Lovers And Lollipops (1956)
Running Time: 82 mins Color
Starring: Cathy Dunn, R. Orkin, Lori March
Ann, an attractive widowed New York model, lives in an apartment with her daughter Peggy. The courtship of Ann by visiting engineer Larry, and accompanying misadventures, are seen alternately from their and Peggy's viewpoint. Filmed realistically at many New York locations.

Loves Of Three Queens (1954)
Running Time: 97 mins Color
Starring: Lori March, Gerald S. O'Loughlin, Cathy Dunn
Ann, an attractive widowed New York model, lives in an apartment with her daughter Peggy. The courtship of Ann by visiting engineer Larry, and accompanying misadventures, are seen alternately from their and Peggy's viewpoint. Filmed realistically at many New York locations.

Lum And Abner Abroad (1956)
Running Time: 72 mins Black & White
Starring: Lum & Abner (Chester Lauck, Norris Goff), Jill Alis, Lila Audres.
Originally three TV episodes linked by narration to form a feature. The boys join the US Embassy in reuniting a ballerina with the missing journalist she's in love with. Next it's to Paris where they get mixed up with smugglers, and finally, Lum and Abner break the bank at Monte Carlo.

Black & White
A traveling troupe, led by hypnotist and jagician, trek to 19th Century Stockholm where they are humiliated by a cynical medical officer. After events leading to his death, hypnotist comes back from dead to physically prusue doctor and is almost trapped

Magnificent Matador (1955)
Running Time: 94 mins Color
Starring: Anthony Quinn, Maureen O'hara
Maureen O'Hara as the spoiled, rich, American preditor who falls head-over-heels for the brooding, tormented, about-to-retire matador, Luis Santos (Anthony Quinn) who has inexplicably run away prior to a corrida that was to occasion the "alternativa" of a young, up-and-coming bullfighter (Manuel Rojas). The mystery is solved 94 minutes later, after Maureen has conquered Tony and Tony has saved Marueen's life by caping a toro bravo with his plaid horse blanket.

Mambo (1954)
Black & White
Starring: Silvana Mangano
Silvana Mangano (a very lovely & sexy voiced actress) plays a young, poor Venetian woman, Giovanna Masetti. She is struggling with an difficult life as a shop assistant when one day a young count Enrico sees her in the glass shop where she works. She gets invited to the masquerade ball (ah - if they would have parties like this now - oh wow) with the help of her unscrupulous boyfriend Mario's dirty deal with the count - the glorious evening does not turn out well, not at all. One bright moment to this disastrous evening is Giovanna's meeting up with a troupe of MAMBO dancers in particular the troupe leader, Toni Salerno (Shelley Winters

Mambo (1955)
Running Time: 94 mins Black & White
Starring: Silvana Mangano, Michael Rennie, Shelley Winters, Vittorio Gassman, Mary Clare.
Beautiful but poor shopgirl joins a dance troupe and inspires patronage by dancing the Mambo. Dir. Cecil B. DeMille.

Man in the Attic (1954)
Running Time: 82 mins Black & White
Starring: Jack Palance, Constance Smith, Byron Palmer, Frances Bavier
Shortly after a medial student takes a room in an actress?s house, London is terrified by a series of murders committed by a man the press calls ?Jack the Ripper?. Tense drama; a remade of Hitchcock?s ?The Lodger?. Dir. Hugo Fregonese.

Man Is Ten Feet Tall (1957)
Running Time: 85 mins Black & White
Starring: John Cassavetes, Sidney Poitier, Jack Warden
Black & White

Man Who Cheated Himself, The (1951)
Running Time: 86 mins Black & White
Starring: Lee J. Cobb, John Dall, Jane Wyatt, Lisa Howard, Harlan Warde, Tito Vuolo.
Woman shoots her husband and tries to cover up the killing with the help of her lover, a homicide detective. Trouble ensues when the detective's honest younger brother, also a cop, discovers their secret. Dir. Felix E. Feist

Man With The Golden Arm (1955)
Running Time: 120 mins Black & White
Starring: Frank Sinatra, Kim Novak, Eleanor Parker, Arnold Stang.
Sinatra as an ex-junkie back in town from rehab, but he ends up involved with the same users that got him hooked. Dir. Otto Preminger.

March Hare, The (1956)
Wealthy American woman and a prize race horse take part in the madcap adventures of an inveterate gambler by the name of Sir Charles Hare.

Maytime In Mayfair (1952)
Running Time: 93 mins Black & White
Starring: Anna Neagle, Michael Wilding, Peter Graves, Nicholas Phipps.
Wilding inherits a dress shop run by Neagle, but keeps getting scooped on new fashions by a rival shop until they find that Wilding's cousin is a mole for rival shop owner Graves. Produced by Anna Neagle and Written by Nicholas Phipps.

Missiles From Hell (1958)
Running Time: 125 mins Black & White
Starring: Michael Rennie, Patricia Medina, David Knight, Milly Vitale, Peter Madden, Christopher Lee, Esmond Knight, John G. Heller
During World War II, Polish partisans (Michael Rennie, David Knight) discover that the Nazis are secretly building a rocket.

Starring: LEE MARVIN
1915: Orphaned boy determined to make his own way in the world finds roots in rural Missouri town. After hard work and many obstacles manages to get a farm of his own.

Mistress (Wild Geese) (1953)
Running Time: 104 mins Black & White
Starring: Hideko Takemine
Dir. Shiro Toyoda. A woman thinks she is married to a successful industrialist, only to find he is already married and she is merely a mistress.

Mon Oncle (1958)
Running Time: 110 mins Color
Starring: Jackques Tati
In Jacques Tati's first color film, he again plays Monsieur Hulot, a man of simple means living an uncomplicated life. The home of Hulot's sister and brother-in-law is ultra-modern but holds no appeal for Hulot's nephew. So, the boy enlists his uncle's help in waging war on the modern world.

Money From Home (1953)

Herman owes a lot of gambling debts. To pay them off, he promises the mob he'll fix a horse, so that it does not run. He intends to trick his animal-loving cousin, Virgil, an apprentice veterinarian, into helping him. Of course, he doesn't tell Virgil what he is really up to. Mistaken identities are assumed, while along the way, Virgil meets a female vet and Herman falls for the owner of the horse. Goons and mobsters are also lurking around; so beware.

Monsoon (1952)
Running Time: 79 mins Black & White
Starring: Ursula Thiess, Diana Douglas, George Nader
A young woman named Julia brings her fiance and his mother to a village in India to meet her father and brother. Hospitality proves in short supply and things take a turn for the worse when Julia's seductive younger sister arrives.

Moonraker, The (1957)
Running Time: 01:21:49:00 Black & White
England - 1651: Adventures of Charles Stuart and his followers as they escape Cromwell. From the play "Moonraker" by Arthur Watkin.

Mr. Arkadin (1955)
Running Time: 99 mins Color
Starring: Orson Welles, Michael Redgrave, Katina Paxinou, Akim Tamiroff, Mischa Auer.
Powerful financier hires a young American to find people from his past, but he finds they are all dead. Written and Produced by Orson Welles.

Mr. Hulot's Holiday (1953)
Running Time: 86 mins Black & White
Starring: Jacques Tati, Natalie Pascaud, Michelle Rolia.
The slapstick misadventures of a simpleton's seaside holiday. English dubbed. Dir. Gordon Wiles.

Mr. Universe (1951)
Running Time: 85 mins Black & White
Starring: Jack Carson, Robert Alda
Description Coming Soon

Mutiny (1952)
Running Time: 77 mins Color
Starring: Angela Lansbury, Mark Stevens, Patric Knowles, Rhys Williams.
During the War of 1812, the captain of the American ship "Concord" faces a mutiny when an officer pretends to be loyal to Britain in order to steal gold bullion from France. Produced by Maurice and Frank King. Dir. Edward Dmytryk

Naked In The Night (1958)
Running Time: 86 mins Color
Starring: Eva Bartok, Alexander Kerst, Ilse Steppat
A beautiful criminology student poses as a prostitute to conduct first-hand research on her thesis paper, in the process discovering that a dear friend is a virtual prisoner in Berlin's most elite brothel. Karin is a brilliant student whose good looks give her an added advantage in assuming the role of a prostitute and exploring Berlin's thriving sex industry. Hired posthaste by nefarious Madame Clavius, the pretty blonde sets about gathering information for her thesis when she discovers that her old friend Madeline has been financing her luxurious lifestyle by working as a call girl in the very same brothel. The situation turns sinister when Madeline reveals to Karin that she has fallen in love and longs to start a new life, but any girl who tries to leave Madame Clavius is soon discovered dead. When Madeline admits to considering suicide, Karin hatches a plan for both of them to make a clean break from the brothel and avoid Madame Clavius' deadly wrath. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Nana (1955)
Running Time: 118 mins Black & White
Starring: Charles Boyer, Martine Carol.
Prostitute seduces high-society Parisians, but comes to a tragic downfall. English subtitles. COLOR. Dir. Sam Newfield.

Napoleon (1955)
Running Time: 123 mins Color
Starring: Orson Welles, Yves Montand, Eric von Stroheim, Jean Gabin
The life story of Napoleon, from his days as a soldier in the French army to his exile to the island of Elba.

Napoleon (1956)
Running Time: 123 mins Color
Starring: Raymond Pellegrin, Orson Welles, Daniel G?lin, Marie Schell, Danielle Darrieux, Sacha Guitry, Erich von Stroheim, Yves Montand.
Solid adaptation of Napoleon's life story, from his youthful conquests to his eventual exile. Written by Sacha Guitry. English dubbed. Dir. Sacha Guitry

Narcotic Story (1958)
Running Time: 78 mins Black & White
Starring: Art Gilmore, Sharon Strand, Darlene Hendricks
Semi-documentary on how marijuana dealers lure small-town teenagers into heroin use and prostitution and how the police help to fight it.

Nativity (1952)
Running Time: 60 mins Black & White
Starring: Robert Shaw Chorale, Betty Furness, Lloyd Bochner
The birth of Jesus and the serene Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem.

Navajo (1952)
Running Time: 70 mins Black & White
Starring: Francis Key Teller
Navajo was one of a group of intelligent "chamber" westerns turned out by Lippert productions in the 1950s. Technically, it's not a western at all, but what would later be termed a "docudrama." Shot on location at a Navajo Indian Reservation, the film features nonprofessional Native Americans in the major roles. Francis Kee Teller plays Son of the Hunter, a young Navajo boy who is separated from his family so that he may be given his government-dictated mandatory education. Disdaining the "white" world, Teller runs from his instructors. The two tenderfeet find themselves in a perilous situation, from which the savvy Teller must rescue them. One of the teachers is played by Hall Bartlett, the producer of Navajo (and, parenthetically, the then-husband of actress Rhonda Fleming).

Navy Lark (1959)
Running Time: 82 mins Black & White
Starring: Cecil Parker, Ronald Shiner.
British navy men on forgotten naval base enjoy free and easy life until their superiors find out.

Necesito Dinero (1951)
Running Time: 80 mins Black & White
Starring: Pedro Infante Sr., Irma Dorantes, Elda Peralta
The Mexican comedy Necesito Dinero stars Pedro Infante as a simple mechanic who attempts to win over the girl of his dreams by becoming a professional boxer.

Never Wave At A WAC (1952)
Running Time: 01:26:39:00 Black & White
Washigton hostess joins the WAC's...and discovers tht she's not at a garden party

Never Wave At A Wac (1952)
Running Time: 87 mins Black & White
Starring: Rosalind Russell, Paul Douglas, Marie Wilson, Hillary Brooke.
A socialite joins the WACs expecting to be made an officer, but has to tough it out as an ordinary private.

New Faces Of 1952 (1954)
Running Time: 98 mins Color
Starring: Ronnie Graham, Eartha Kitt, Alice Ghostley, Paul Lynde and Carol Lawrence
Color. Based on the hit Broadway revue the show revolves around a broadway show about to be closed down.

New Mexico (1951)
Running Time: 76 mins Color
Starring: Lew Ayres, Andy Devine, Marilyn Maxwell
Thrilling Western of cavalry versus the Indians.

New Orleans After Dark (1958)
Running Time: 69 mins Black & White
Starring: Stacy Harris, Louis Sirgo, Tommy Pelle, Ellen Moore, Wilson Bourg Jr, Harry Woods.
Two detectives go undercover as sailors, scouring the streets of New Orleans trying to capture dope smugglers. Dir. John Sledge

New York Confidential (1955)
Running Time: 87 mins Color
Starring: Broderick Crawford, Richard Conte, Anne Bancroft
A top syndicate crime boss and his corrupt politicians, make multi-million deals and order murders , until the vicious pattern finally catches up to him.

Night America Trembled, The (1957)

Starring: Warren Beatty
"The Night America Trembled" is a top-rated television dramatization of the public reaction to the 1938 radio broadcast of "The War of the Worlds" that aired September 9, 1957, as an episode of the CBS series Studio One. Hosted by Edward R. Murrow, the live documentary play was written by Nelson S. Bond and uses excerpts of the radio script copywrighted by Howard E. Koch.

Nights Of Cabiria (1957)
Running Time: 111 mins Black & White
Starring: Giulietta Masina
Naive prostitute believes she has found true love. Produced by Dino de Laurentiis. English subtitles.

No Place To Hide (1956)
Running Time: 70 mins Black & White
Starring: David Brian, Marsha Hunt, Hugh Corcoran, Ike Jariega Jr., Celia Flor
Some pellets containing a deadly virus are carried by two boys on the run through the Philippines.

No Place To Land (1958)
Running Time: 77 mins Black & White
Starring: John Ireland, Marie Blanchard
A cropduster pilot finds himself caught between two women--one who loves him and the other, who doesn't handle rejection well, who's out to destroy him.

No Time For Flowers (1952)
Running Time: 83 mins Black & White
Starring: Viveca Lindfors, Paul Christian, Ludwig Stossel
Government official returns to the US and encounters trouble controlling his E. European secretary.

No Time For Tears (1957)
Running Time: 86 mins Color
Starring: Anna Neagle, Anthony Quayle, Sylvia Syms, George Baker.
Hospital soap opera about the lives of various patients and staff members. Color. Dir. Robert North Bradbury.

Running Time: 75 mins Black & White
Starring: TOM CONWAY
A tired-looking Tom Conway plays a private detective who is framed for murder. Eva Bartok, the head of a smuggling, has arranged the frameup. Eva is herself "set up" by the actual killer, unreconstructed Nazi Robert Adair. At this point, Bartok belatedly sides with Conway. Only one of the three above-mentioned actors is still alive at fadeout time: guess which one. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Northwest Passage (1958)
Starring: Keith Larsen
Major Robert Rogers organized "Rogers Rangers" to search for the alleged waterway across the United States during the French and Indian War (1754-1759). Helping Rogers, an experienced explorer and Indian fighter, were Hunk Marriner, another experienced Indian fighter, and Langdon Towne, a Harvard graduate who was the map maker. The episodes told the story of their trials and tribulations searching for the Northwest Passage and their battles with both the French and Indians during this war.

Novel Affair, A (1957)
Running Time: 97 mins Black & White
Starring: Ralph Richardson, Margaret Leighton
A chauffeur gets the wrong idea when he reads his lady boss's erotic novel.

O.K. Nerone (O.K. Nero) (1952)
Running Time: 111 mins Black & White
Starring: Walter Chiori, Carlo Campanine.
Two U.S. sailors sightseeing in Rome dream about the days of Nero. ITALIAN LANGUAGE ONLY.

Oklahoma Annie (1952)
Starring: Judy Canova, John Russell
A storekeeper gets involved in cleaning up corruption in her town, and also hopes to attract the attention of the handsome new sheriff.

Old Mother Riley Meets The Vampire (1952)
Running Time: 71 mins Black & White
Starring: Bela Lugosi, Arthur Lucan.
Mother Riley crosses paths with a crazed scientist trying to take over the world with a giant robot.

One Too Many (1950)
Running Time: 110 mins Black & White
Starring: Ruth Warrick, Richard Travis, Ginger Prince
A once-famous concert pianist has had her career ruined by her alcoholism. Her husband and a member of Alcoholics Anonymous try to help her recover.

One Wild Oat (1950)
Running Time: 78 mins Black & White
Starring: Robertson Hare, Stanley Holloway, Audrey Hepburn.
Successful stage play is transferred to the screen as two enemies go to any lengths to make sure that the marriage of their children never takes place. Watch for Audrey Hepburn, appearing here in her first feature.

Ordet (1955)
Running Time: 126 mins Black & White
Starring: Henrik Malberg, Emil Haas Christiansen.
Man is jeered for thinking he is Jesus Christ, but the ridicule ceases when he begins performing miracles. English subtitles.

Oriental Evil (1951)
Running Time: 64 mins Black & White
Starring: Byron Michie, Martha Hyer, Tetsu Nakamura
Set in post war Japan, the film tells the tale of a woman looking for her missing brother. Her brother operated a small export business and has suddenly disappeared. Strangely his business partner has also vanished.

Outcasts Of The City (1958)
Running Time: 61 mins Black & White
Starring: Osa Massen, Robert Hutton, John Hamilton.
WWII American officer Hutton falls in love with a German girl, but their romance hits a snag when a former lover returns and seeks revenge on Hutton, and when he is killed Hutton receives the blame. Produced by Boris L. Petroff. Dir. Sam Wood.

Panic In The Parlor (1957)
Running Time: 80 mins Black & White
Starring: Peggy Mount, Shirley Eaton, Esma Cannon, Cyril Smith, Ronald Lewis.
Young sailor comes home to get married and has trouble with his mother-in-law to be.

Panic In The Streets (1950)
Running Time: 96 mins Black & White
Starring: Richard Widmark, Paul Douglas, Jack Palance
Filmed entirely on location in New Orleans, Panic in the Streets stars Richard Widmark as Dr. Clinton Reed, a physician from the U.S. Health Service who must race against time to stop a plague. The carrier was an illegal alien, murdered by criminals Jack Palance and Zero Mostel. When local officials note the strange condition of the corpse, they fear that the germs will spread to epidemic proportions, and thus summon Reed to wrest control of the situation. At first facing opposition from rule-bound police captain Paul Douglas, Widmark is finally able to work hand-in-glove with Douglas in tracking down Palance and Mostel, who have themselves become plague carriers. Many of the actors in Panic in the Streets are local nonprofessionals, selected by director Elia Kazan because of their "rightness" within the framework of the story; the rest of the cast is peopled by such film veterans as Barbara Bel Geddes, Tommy Cook, Emile Meyer and H.T. Tsiang. Widmark's son is played by an uncredited Tommy Rettig, four years before he starred on the Lassie TV series. Though Elia Kazan liked to claim that much of Panic in the Streets was improvised, there was a script, adapted by Richard Murphy and Daniel Fuchs from a story by Edward Anhalt and Edna Anhalt.

Paris Express (1952)
Running Time: 80 mins Color
Starring: Claude Rains, Marta Toren, Herbert Lom, Felix Aylmer, Anouk Aimee.
Simple clerk discovers his boss has been embezzling money to finance a French mistress, and accidentally kills him. With the French mistress and embezzled money in tow, he now must dodge the police on the streets of Paris. Color.

Passionate Stranger (Aka A Novel Affair) (1957)
Running Time: 97 mins Black & White
Starring: Ralph Richardson, Margaret Leighton, Patricia Dainton, Frederick Piper.
Italian chauffeur is used as the romantic lead in a female writer's novel, but when he reads the manuscript, he mistakenly believes she's in love with him. Dir. Carl Theodor Dreyer.

Patterns (1956)
Running Time: 83 mins Black & White
Starring: Van Heflin, Everett Sloane, Ed Begley.
Depiction of ruthless, power-mad corporate executives as seen by a naive newcomer. Written by Rod Serling.

Pied Piper Of Hamelin (1957)
Running Time: 87 mins Color
Starring: Van Johnson, Claude Rains, Jim Backus, Lori Nelson.
Famous tale of the magical Piper who rids town of rats and disappears with the village children when they refuse to pay. Color. The singing, rhyming citizens of Hamelin hope to win a competition with rival towns for royal recognition. To this end, the mayor outlaws play (which is a bit hard on the children) and refuses to help a rival town when it's flooded. But rats (seen only as shadows), fleeing the flood, invade Hamelin in droves; a magical piper, whose music only children (and rats) can hear, strikes a bargain...which, once the rats are gone, the Mayor and council renege on, to their subsequent regret.

Pilgrimage Play, The (1951)
Running Time: 90 mins Color

Color. An annual tradition in Europe for hundreds of years, this adaption of one of the "Passion Plays" is a straightforward stage re-creation of the life of Christ.

Pirate Of The Black Hawk (1958)
Running Time: 72 mins Color
Starring: Gerard Landry, Minjanou Bardot
Manfred, backed by Saracen pirates, deposes the Duke of Montfort, takes over the throne and kidnapped the Duke's young son. Capt. Riccardo, the leader of a pirate band on the ship Black Hawk, sets out to defeat Manfred and his Saracens and restore the Duke to his rightful place on the throne.

Pirate Submarine (Aka Casabianca) (1950)
Running Time: 66 mins Black & White
Starring: Pierre Dudan, G?rard Landry, Jean Vilar, Jean Vilmont, Jean Vilar, Alain Terrane, Michel Vadet, Johnny Marchand.
Based on a true story, a French submarine escapes from Nazi control and is given a top secret mission to contact the Algerian underground. Written by Georges P?clet, adapted from the log-book of the French Naval submarine "Casabianca". Dir. Georges P?clet

Please Murder Me (1956)
Running Time: 78 mins Black & White
Starring: Angela Lansbury, Raymond Burr, Dick Foran, Lamont Johnson, John Dehner, Denver Pyle.
Love-blinded attorney gets an acquittal for his murderous former client Lansbury, only to find out she was using him. Guilt-ridden, he asks her to kill him so justice may be done. Dir. Peter Godfrey

Postmark For Danger (1955)
Running Time: 84 mins Black & White
Starring: Terry Moore, Robert Beatty
A car plunging over a cliff kills its two occupants identified as newspaperman Lewis Forrester and actress Alison Ford (Terry Moore). Surviving Lewis are his two brothers, Tim (Robert Beatty), a portrait painter, and Dave (William Sylvester), a pilot. Scotland Yard discovers that Lewis' death was engineered by a gang of international diamond smugglers he was about to expose. Before he died, he had sent someone in London a post card with a sketch of a woman's hand holding a Chianti bottle. Alison's father, John Smith (Henry Oscar) commissions Tim to paint her portrait from a photograph. While Tim is out, the supposedly-dead Alison enters his studio, but flees when she finds the body of Jill Stewart (Josephine Griffin), Tim's favorite model. Scotland Yard Inspector Colby (Geoffrey Kene) suspects Tim because whatever alibi evidence Tim presents vanishes before the Inspector can confirm it. Reg Dorking (William Lucas), a used-car dealer tries to blackmail Tim, offering the post card sent by Lewis. Alison surprises Tim in his studio with the news that the girl killed with Lewis must have been a hitch-hiker, as she had left the car before the crash upset because Lewis had charged her father as being part of the diamond-smuggling ring. She finds her father and he confesses to being as charged. In a phone call with a man named Nightingale, he says he is through with the ring, but leaps to his death when Alison leaves. Tim gets possession of the post card after a brutal fight with his brother Dave, who confesses he is in the gang also. He turns the card over to Scotland Yard who discover it is a list of the smugglers written in invisible ink. Alison goes to Tim's studio where she surprises Nightingale who begins to strangle her.

Prairie, The (1953)
Running Time: 79 mins Black & White
Starring: Alan Baxter, Lenore Aubert
True to life saga of early settlers in America.

Prelude to Fame (1950)
Running Time: 78 mins Black & White
Starring: Guy Rolfe , Kathleen Byron
Guy Rolfe is top-billed in the British Prelude to Fame, but the critics' attention was directed at young newcomer Jeremy Spencer. This is the story of a poverty-stricken boy named Guido (Spencer) who turns out to be a musical prodigy. Prodded into fame by a wealthy, childless patroness of the arts (Kathleen Ryan), Guido rises to the uppermost rungs of the musical world -- and loses his childhood in the process. Star Rolfe is cast as John Morrell, the philosophy professor who discovers Guido's genius, only to regret what happens to the boy afterward. Best scene: Jeremy Spencer leading the London Philharmonic without adult assistance. Released in America by Universal-International, Prelude to Fame is based on a story by Aldous Huxley.

Princess Cinderella (1955)
Running Time: 84 mins Black & White
Starring: Silvano Jachino
The legend of the young woman who married a handsome prince goes beyond the actual wedding.

Profile (1954)
Running Time: 65 mins Black & White
Starring: John Bentley, Kathleen Byron, Thea Gregory
Bentley accepts an editorial position for a magazine entitled "Profile."

Promise To Murder (1955)
Running Time: 60 mins Black & White
Starring: Louis Hayward, Peter Lorre, Ann Harding
Lady Bertha Wetherby (Ann Harding) befriends mild-mannered palm reader Mr. Vorhees (Peter Lorre) and invites him to live with her at her estate. Her nephew, Randy (Louis Hayward), suspects that Vorhees is a fraud who is trying to take advantage of her kindness. However, as Randy attempts to expose him, many of Mr. Vorhees' predictions appear to be coming true...

Puccini - Two Loves Had I (1953)
Running Time: 119 mins Color
Starring: Gabriele Ferzetti, Märta Torén, Nadia Gray
Produced in Italy in breathtaking Technicolor, this biographical story of Puccini (played by L'avventura's Gabriele Ferzetti) spans his creative life from early student days to the height of success, including his early flop Madama Butterfly and his incomplete Turandot. Along the way he encounters three women who change his life, including a sexy, beautiful singer (Two for the Road's Nadia Gray) whom he drops for a small town girl (Sirocco's Marta Toren), and a servant girl who commits suicide over him. Well-selected excerpts from Manon, La Boheme, Madama Butterfly and Turandot are featured along with other Puccini music, including the voice of Beniamino Gigli. Sets, costumes and production values are first class, all sumptuously filmed by Claude Renoir.

Queen For A Day (1951)
Running Time: 107 mins Black & White
Starring: Phillis Avery, Edith Meissner, Darren McGavin, Rudy Lee, Adam Williams, Frances E. Williams
Based on a popular radio/TV show from the '50s, this is a collection of three stories. The first is of a middle-class family struggling to cope with the illness of their son. The second is about the son of an immigrant couple. The final is about a loving nurse.

Quicksand (1950)
Running Time: 79 mins Black & White
Starring: Mickey Rooney, Jeanne Cagney, Peter Lorre, Barbara Bates, Taylor Holmes, Minerva Urecal.
Excellent film portraying a young mechanic's downward spiral into self-destruction when he commits a minor criminal act. Dir. Irving Pichel

Quinceanera (1958)
Running Time: 130 mins Black & White
Starring: Martha Mijares, Tere Velázquez, Maricruz Olivier
Quinceañera concerns a trio of young women who are going to be presented at a debutante ball. Each must contend with family issues, as well as relationship troubles. Many of the confrontations in the film concern the families worrying more about what the party says about them then they do about what their daughters might desire. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi

Radio Cab Murder (1954)
Running Time: 70 mins Black & White
Starring: Jimmy Hanley, Lana Morris, Sonia Holm
Fred Martin, a taxi driver who is a reformed convict, is used by the police to go undercover in order to help catch a gang of safe robbers. However things start to go wrong when the police stake out the wrong bank and Fred finds himself alone with the crooks.

Rebel Flight to Cuba (1959)
Running Time: 99 mins Black & White
Starring: O.W. Fischer, Sonja Ziemann, Peter van Eyck
A blacklisted airline pilot redeems himself by the way in which he handles a particularly dangerous flight.

Rebel Set (1959)
Running Time: 72 mins Black & White
Starring: Gregg Palmer, Kathleen Crowley, Edward Platt
Three beatniks are brought together to rob an armored car, only to face betrayal from amongst their ranks.

Red Inn, The (1954)
Running Time: 95 mins Black & White
Starring: Fernandel, Francoise Rosay.
Religious satire involving murderous hotel owners and a priest who tries to save their guests. English subtiles.

Ring, The (1952)
Running Time: 79 mins Black & White
Starring: Gerald Mohr, Rita Moreno, Jack Elam.
Mexican-American in California tires of fighting discrimination as he searches for a job, so he decides to try his luck as a boxer. Realistic approach both to its story and the fight scenes.

Road To Bali (1950)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour.
The sixth in the "Road" series and the only one filmed in COLOR. The boys take jobs as divers in the South Seas. Watch for cameos by Martin and Lewis, Bogart, and Hepburn. Dir. Gordon Douglas.

Running Time: 01:19:57:00 Black & White
Shocked to learn his older wealthy live will live, man sets about planning her murder.

Roof, The (1956)
Running Time: 98 mins Black & White
Starring: Gabriella Palloti, Giorgio Listuzzi.
Young couple go against their parents' wishes and encounter one problem after another as they search for a place to live in post-WWII Rome. English subtitles. Dir. Vittorio De Sica.

Run For The Hills (1953)
Running Time: 72 mins Black & White
Starring: Sonny Tufts, Barbara Payton, John Harmon
Tufts as an insurance agent ridden with paranoia about atomic war.

Sabaka (1953)
Running Time: 75 mins Color
Starring: Boris Karloff, Reginald Denny, Victor Jory, Lisa Howard, Jeannie Bates, Jay Novello, June Foray
Filmed on location in India, The Hindu is an outgrowth of the "Gunga Ram" episodes originally seen on TV's Smilin' Ed's Gang (later known as Andy's Gang). Nino Marcel stars as adventurous young mahout Gunga Ram, with Vito Scotti (of all people!) as his timorous sidekick. Top billing is bestowed upon Boris Karloff as the irascible general of the Maharajah of Bakore (Lou Krugman). Though Karloff behaves in a surly fashion, the film's real villain is Victor Jory, as head of a deadly fire-worshipping cult. At the behest of British regent Reginald Denny, Gunga Ram does his best to put an end to Jory's cult for good and all. Also on hand as the cult's high priestess is June Foray, better known for her voiceover work on such cartoon series as Rocky and His Friends and George of the Jungle. Despite its lumpy continuity, The Hindu is fairly entertaining, especially for the many TV fans of "Gunga Ram."

Saga Of Anatahan (1953)
Running Time: 90 mins Black & White
Starring: Starring
Castaways on isolated island fight over a woman. English subtitles. Dir. Joseph von Sternberg

Salt Of The Earth (1954)
Running Time: 94 mins Black & White
Starring: Rosaura Revueltas, Will Geer, Juan Chacon.
A group of blacklisted film makers made this movie during the McCarthy era. Contention is the result when New Mexico zinc mine workers organize a strike.

Salvage Gang, The (1958)
Black & White
Starring: Ali Allen
A group of kids breaks their father's saw and try to raise money to fix it.

Running Time: 80 mins Black & White
Starring: Joel McCrea, Yvonne De Carlo, Sidney Blackmer, Florence Bates
In this melodramatic western, a California miner working near San Francisco strikes it rich in 1856. One day his friend, a newspaper editor, asks the miner to help him dispose of a corrupt politician. Trouble really begins when the politico's girlfriend falls in love with the wealthy miner.

Sansho The Bailiff (1957)
Running Time: 124 mins Color
Starring: Kinuyo Tanaka, Yoshiaki Hanayagi, Kyôko Kagawa
In medieval Japan, a compassionate governor is sent into exile. His wife and children try to join him, but are separated, and the children grow up amid suffering and oppression.

Sawdust and Tinsel (1953)
Running Time: 92 mins Black & White

DESPERATELY they fought the desires, the passions that dragged them down deeper and deeper into... "The Naked Night" . Dir Ingmar Bergman.

Scavengers (1959)
Running Time: 79 mins Black & White
Starring: Vince Edwards, Carol Ohmart, Richard Loo
This low-budget Asian-set adventure concerns The reformed smuggler Stuart Allison finds his missing wife Marion in Hong Kong. Marion has fallen in with a bad crowd and is involved with narcotics and stolen government bonds, requiring Stuart to extricate her from her woes.

Second Fiddle (1957)
Running Time: 73 mins Black & White
Starring: Adrienne Corri, Thorley Walters.
A newlyweds' marriage is tested when she travels to the U.S. on business and he falls for the sexy new secretary.

Second Woman (1951)
Running Time: 91 mins Black & White
Starring: Robert Young, Betsy Drake.
Architect who believes he killed his fiancee thinks his guilt may be causing him to black out and commit acts of violence against himself.

Sergeant And The Spy (1954)
Running Time: 63 mins Black & White
Starring: Janis Carter, Richard Ney, John Steinmetz
There's a mix-up of overnight bags when a soldier on leave must deliver important information to London.

Sheena, Queen Of The Jungle (1955)
Running Time: 28 mins Black & White
Starring: Irish McCalla, Chris Drake, Neal the Chimp

Sheep Has Five Legs (1955)
Running Time: 96 mins Black & White
Starring: Fernandel, Paulette Dubost.
Quintuplet brothers come home from around the world for a family reunion. Tour de force performance by Fernandel, as he plays the father and all five sons!

Simon Bolivar (1954)
Running Time: 84 mins Color

Skipalong Rosenbloom (1951)
Running Time: 72 mins Black & White
Starring: Maxie Rosenbloom, Max Baer, Jackie Coogan
The town of Buttonhole Bend is in the clutches of the Butcher Baer (Max Baer) gang who have killed every sheriff and robbed every bank in the territory. The brains behind the gang is saloon owner Square Deal Sal9Hillary Brooke). Skipalong Rosenbloom (Maxie Rosenbloom) comes to town and is tricked into becoming the sheriff. He falls in love with Miss Caroline Witherspoon(Jacqueline Fontaine), the town schoolmar'm. Skipalong finally corners Butcher in Square Deal Sal's saloon, beats him up and corrals the rest of the gang.

Black & White
Psychiatrist tries to reform a young criminal by taking him into his home, bringing disaster to his own wife.

Running Time: 00:59:20:00 Black & White
Starring: JOHN LODER
An elderly head waiter at the Jolly Iddler resists the area manager's attempts to get rid of him.

Small Hotel (1957)
Running Time: 60 mins Black & White
Starring: Gordon Harker, Marie Lohr, John Loder, Irene Handi, Janet Monro.
Headwaiter uses blackmail and espionage to keep from being replaced as headwaiter by a woman.

Smallest Show On Earth (1957)
Running Time: 80 mins Black & White
Starring: Peter Sellers, Bill Travers, Virginia McKenna, Margaret Rutherford, Leslie Phillips.
Young couple inherit a run-down movie theater and the people who work there as well. Dir. Basil Dearden.

Smallest Show on Earth, The (1957)
Running Time: 01:19:49:00 Black & White
Newlyweds inherit small cinema in North England and envision an opulent entertainment palace

Smiles Of A Summer Night (1955)
Running Time: 108 mins Black & White
Starring: Ulla Jacobsson, Eva Dahlbeck.
Scheming actress gathers lovers to her mother's country estate, where love saturates the summer air. Written by Ingmar Bergman. English subtitles.

Snow Queen, The (1957)
Running Time: 68 mins Color
Starring: Art Linkletter, Tammy Marihugh, Jennie Lynn, Voices of: Sandra Dee, Tommy Kirk, Patty McCormack, Paul Frees, June Foray
When the Snow Queen, a lonely and powerful fairy, kidnaps the human boy Kay, his best friend Gerda must overcome many obstacles on her journey to rescue him.

Snow White (1955)

Classic story of Queen who wanted a child and was cursed to sleep for 100 years.

Snows Of Kilimanjaro (1952)
Running Time: 117 mins Color
Starring: Gregory Peck, Susan Hayward, Leo G. Carrol, Ava Gardner, Hildegard Neff.
Life of a famous writer is seen through flashbacks as he and his wife, while on safari, wait for a doctor to save his gangrenous leg. Color. Dir. Henry King.

Some Kind of A Nut (1952)
Running Time: 71 mins Black & White
Starring: Harry Secombe, Carol Carr, Peter Sellers
Decent spy comedy with Secombe saving an atomic formula from enemy hands.

Spanish Gardener (1957)
Running Time: 95 mins Color
Starring: Dirk Bogarde, Jon Whiteley, Michael Hordern.
Diplomat's son thinks more of a gentle gardner then his own father, so dad has the rival framed and put in jail. Color.

Square Shooter (Aka Skipalong Rosenbloom) (1951)
Running Time: 72 mins Black & White
Starring: Max Rosenbloom, Max Baer, Jackie Coogan, Fuzzy Knight, Hillary Brooke, Raymond Hatton, Jacqueline Fontaine.
Former boxing opponents Rosenbloom and Baer team up for this western spoof that pokes fun at the Hopalong Cassidy series of films. Rosenbloom plays the host of a TV kid's show who goes up against a real western baddie. Dir. Sam Newfield

St. Benny The Dip (1951)
Running Time: 80 mins Black & White
Starring: Dick Haymes, Roland Young, Dick Haymes, Lionel Stander, Nina Foch.
Three gamblers escape the law by posing as clergymen, but are a little too convincing.

Story of Anastasia (1956)
Running Time: 105 mins Color
Starring: Lilli Palmer
Narrative of Anastasia in Germany.

Strangers (Aka Voyage To Italy) (1953)
Running Time: 87 mins Black & White
Starring: Ingrid Bergman, George Sanders.
Unhappy couple decide to see other people, but eventually realize their love for each other and try to salvage their marriage. English dubbed.

Studio One: Pontius Pilate (1952)
Running Time: 60 mins Black & White
Starring: Robert Duke, Madge Elliott, Geraldine Fitzgerald
The story, set 15 years after the Crucifixion, of the Roman governor Pontius Pilate, who is depicted as a victim of circumstances.

Sun Sets at Dawn, The (1957)
Running Time: 71 mins Black & White
Starring: Sally Parr, Phillip Shawn, Walter Reed
Shawn as an innocent youth convicted of a crime and subsequently saved from the electric chair.

Suspended Alibi (1956)
Running Time: 64 mins Black & White
Starring: Patrick Holt, Honor Blackman, Andrew Keir.
Adulterous man is unjustly accused when his alibi is murdered.

Sword of D'Artagnan (1954)
Running Time: 58 mins Black & White

A Hal Roach TV version of the Three Musketeers.

Talk Of A Million (1951)
Running Time: 73 mins Black & White
Starring: Jack Warner, Barbara Mullen.
Charming but lazy Irishman masquerades as a royal heir and proves a thing or two to his neighbors.

Tallest Tree in the Forest, The (1950)
Running Time: 90 mins Black & White
Starring: Paul Robeson
The Tallest Tree in our Forest is a 1977 documentary film directed and written by Gil Noble, about singer, actor and activist, Paul Robeson.

T-Bird Gang (1959)
Black & White
Starring: John Brinkley
A high school boy, out to find his father's killer, joins up with a gang of juvenile delinquents.

Testament Of Orpheus (1959)
Running Time: 80 mins Black & White
Starring: Jean Cocteau, Yul Brynner, Pablo Picasso, Jean Marais.
Cocteau's final film is a surrealistic dream journey through his life, completing the trilogy that includes "Blood of a Poet" and "Orpheus". English subtitles. Dir. Jean Cocteau.

That Man From Tangier (1953)
Running Time: 88 mins Black & White
Starring: Nils Asther, Roland Young, Nancy Coleman
Romantic comedy portraying Coleman as a spoiled sophisticate.

The Man Who Cheated Himself (1950)
Running Time: 81 mins Black & White
Starring: Lee J. Cobb, Jane Wyatt, John Dall, Lisa Howard, Alan Wells, Harlan Warde
In this film, Lee J. Cobb stars as Ed Cullen, a San Francisco police lieutenant embroiled in a clandestine romance with married socialite Lois Frazer. When Lois kills her husband Howard, the flustered Cullen vows to cover for her. Things get sticky when Cullen is assigned to investigate the case.

The Obsessed (1951)
Running Time: 78 mins Black & White
Starring: David Farrar, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Roland Culver
When a sickly Victorian woman dies suddenly, a postmortem reveals that her body contains a fatal dose of arsenic. Suspicion falls on her husband and her companion, who are lovers. Inspector Martin of Scotland Yard solves the mystery of her death, over a cup of tea.

Three Came Home (1950)
Running Time: 106 mins Black & White
Starring: Claudette Colbert, Patric Knowles.
During WWII an American and her British husband are captured in the far east and thrown into a Japanese concentration camp.

Three Guys Named Mike (1951)
Running Time: 89 mins Black & White
Starring: Jane Wyman, Van Johnson, Barry Sullivan, Howard Keel.
Stewardess finds herself the object of the affections of three suitors named Mike. Written by Sidney Sheldon.

Three Husbands (1950)
Running Time: 78 mins Black & White
Starring: Emlyn Williams, Eve Arden, Ruth Warrick, Vanessa Brown, Howard de Silva, Billie Burke.
Three husbands receive letters from a recently deceased playboy, implicating their wives in extramarital affairs with him. Dir. Irving Reis.

Three Men In A Boat (1956)
Running Time: 84 mins Black & White
Starring: Laurence Harvey, Jimmy Edwards, David Tomlinson, Shirley Eaton, Jill Ireland, Lisa Gastoni, Martita Hunt, Campbell Cotts
Three friends -- George (Laurence Harvey), Harris (Jimmy Edwards) and J (David Tomlinson) -- decide to escape from their women problems by going boating on the Thames River. With Oxford, England, as their destination, they set out for the trip of a lifetime. Their idyllic cruise soon becomes anything but when they encounter, among other problems, heavy rain and a sailing regatta. But the gloomy outlook brightens when they meet three young and wealthy women.

Three Musketeers, The (1951)
Running Time: 60 mins Black & White
Starring: Robert Clarke, John Hubbard, Mel Archer

Three Steps North (1951)
Running Time: 85 mins Black & White
Starring: Lloyd Bridges, Lea Padovani, Aldo Fabrizi
After a prison sentence an American GI stationed in Italy discovers that his hidden loot has disappeared and goes searching for it.

Three Tough Guys (1957)
Running Time: 30 mins Black & White
Starring: Harry Green, Warren Mitchell, Peter Welch

Tiara Clan Saga, The (1955)
Running Time: 108 mins Color
Starring: Narutoshi Hayashi, Raizô Ichikawa, Tatsuya Ishiguro
Special Forces commander Captain Tadamori returns to Kyoto after successfully defeating the uprising of pirates in the western sea of Japan. But because the high courtiers dislike career soldiers gaining power and influence, they ignore the will of ex-Emperor Toba and refuse to reward the captain. Reward recommender Lord Tokinobu is punished, and the captain sends his son Kiyomori to the Lord's residence, where he falls in love with Tokiko, the Lord's daughter. Meanwhile, Kiyomori finds out that he is possibly the ex-Emperor's son.

Tiefland (1954)
Running Time: 98 mins Black & White
Starring: Leni Riefenstahl, Franz Eichberger.
Based on D'Abert's opera about the loves of a gypsy dancer. Made in 1944, unreleased until 1954, this is her last film, to date. English subtitles. Dir. Leni Reifenstahl.

Tiger's Claw (1951)
Running Time: 122 mins Black & White
Starring: Harry Piel, Friedl Hardt, Hilde Hildebrand
Jonny Wilken is an ageing lion trainer in a circus. He is in love with his younger colleague Jutta Sarris. On her wedding day, Jutta's favorite Bengal tiger attacks her out of jealousy and kills her. Jonny, full of pain and out of revenge, enters the cage to kill the animal with his bare hands. However, the tiger bows to him without any resistance.

Time Is Running Out (1952)
Running Time: 74 mins Black & White
Starring: Davison Clark, Lenny Davidson, Michael G. Smith
In this thriller, a man has only a limited amount of time left to save his life.

Time Lock (1957)
Running Time: 73 mins Black & White
Starring: Sean Connery, Robert Beatty, Lee Patterson, Betty McDowall, Vincent Winter, Robert Ayres
A boy is accidentally locked in a bank vault. With less than 10 hours of oxygen left in the vault, it becomes a race to save the boy

Time Running Out (1950)
Running Time: 86 mins Black & White
Starring: Dane Clark, Simone Signoret, Robert Duke, Fernand Gravey, Philippe Janvier.
A fugitive makes a run for it with a woman in France. English dubbed. Dir. Frank Tuttle

Time Table (1956)
Running Time: 79 mins Black & White
Starring: Mark Stevens, King Calder, Felicia Farr
As a train speeds through the Arizona night, a man posing as a physician holds up the baggage-car crew and escapes with a $500,000 payroll. The fake doctor, Paul Bruckner, leaves the train with his "patient" and the "patient's wife", who is really Bruckner's wife Linda. The insurance company puts its best investigator, Charlie Norman, on the case to work with the railroad's investigator, Joe Armstrong. The men are friends and Joe is upset that Charlie and his wife, Ruth, will have to postpone their Mexico vacation. Charlie's concern goes beyond the spoiled vacation as he was the brains behind the holdup, who had fallen in love with Linda several months earlier while investigating a claim Bruckner had filed against his insurance company. At first, Joe is unable to find anything out about the flawlessly timetable planning for the robbery other than what Charlie wants him to find out.

Tokyo File 212 (1951)
Running Time: 84 mins Black & White
Starring: Florence Marly, Robert Peyton, Tatsuo Saito, Katsuhiko Haida, Suisei Matsui.
After the war, an intelligence operator cleans up a Communist sabotage, which consists of disabling American soldiers by plying them with booze and girls. Dir. Dorrell McGowan, Stuart McGowan

Topaze (1951)
Running Time: 95 mins Black & White
Starring: Fernandel.
Wretched schoolteacher becomes influential businessman when he gets involved with the mob. FRENCH LANGUAGE ONLY. Dir. Marcel Pagnol.

Torch, The (1950)
Running Time: 90 mins Black & White
Starring: Paulette Goddard, Gilbert Roland, Pedro Armendariz.
Mexican revolutionary controls town and falls for the daughter of an aristocrat.

Train Of Events (1952)
Running Time: 69 mins Black & White
Starring: Jack Warner, Joan Dowling, Valerie Hobson, Peter Finch.
Four-part film on the impact a London train crash has on several passengers, focusing on the driver making his last run before a promotion, an actor leaving for America with a case containing the body of his cheating wife, an orphan girl helping a German POW escape, and a conductor composer who ends an affair because his current lover muffed a note at the last concert.

Treasure Of Monte Cristo, The (1950)
Running Time: 76 mins Color
Starring: Glenn Langan, Steve Brodie, Adele Jergens
This modern tale borrows from an old story in establishing Langan, who works on a ship that docks in San Francisco, as a descendant of the Count of Monte Cristo. Crooked Lawyer Brodie sets up a scheme to get at the treasure of Langan's famed ancestor, and using the beautiful blonde Jergens, tries to lure Langan into a trap. Langan proves worthy of his heritage, using a gun instead of a sword, and wins legitimately both his forturne and Jergens.

Truth About Women (1957)
Running Time: 107 mins Color
Starring: Laurence Harvey, Julie Harris, Diane Cilento
In comfortable dotage, baronet Humphery Tavistock (Laurence Harvey) recalls a lifetime of romantic entanglements to his wide-eyed son-in-law. Tavistock has come to the conclusion that women are a riddle wrapped in a mystery surrounded by an enigma, and his reminiscences bear this out. Among the baronet's many amours are a suffragette, a harem girl, the wife of a diplomat who "demands satisfaction", an American heiress, a bohemian artist and an army nurse. After all this, Tavistock finds lasting happiness with the first women he ever loved. The female cast of The Truth About Women features the illustrious likes of Julie Harris, Diane Cilento, Mai Zetterling and Eva Gabor, so it's little wonder that the hero has so many vivid memories to fall back on.

Twenty Four Eyes (1954)
Running Time: 155 mins Black & White
Starring: Hideko Takamine Chishu Ryu
Hideko Takamine. An elementary schoolteacher grows angry and frustrated while watching her pupils' lives ruined by war and poverty. (F)

Two Dollar Bettor (1951)
Running Time: 73 mins Black & White
Starring: John Litel, Marie Windsor, Carl Alfalfa Switzer, Barbara Billingsley.
Young man's life is ruined by his addiction to placing small bets, which eventually leads to big-time gambling.

Ugetsu (1953)
Running Time: 96 mins Black & White
Starring: Machiko Kyo, Masyuki Mori.
Two 16th century peasants persue their dreams, encountering the supernatural and their own foolishness.

Umberto D (1955)
Running Time: 89 mins Black & White
Starring: Carlo Battisi.
Inevitability of aging is considered as an old man tries to live with dignity on a meager pension. Dir. Vittorio De Sica.

Uncle Vanya (1957)
Running Time: 98 mins Color
Starring: Franchot Tone, Clarence Derwent, Dolores Dorn
A retired professor has returned to his estate to live with his beautiful young wife, Yelena. The estate originally belonged to his first wife, now deceased; her mother and brother still live there and manage the farm. For many years the brother (Uncle Vanya) has sent the farm's proceeds to the professor, while receiving only a small salary himself. Sonya, the professor's daughter, who is about the same age as his new wife, also lives on the estate. The professor is pompous, vain, and irritable. He calls the doctor (Astrov) to treat his gout, only to send him away without seeing him. Astrov is an experienced physician who performs his job conscientiously, but has lost all idealism and spends much of his time drinking. The presence of Yelena introduces a bit of sexual tension into the household. Astrov and Uncle Vanya both fall in love with Yelena; she spurns them both. Meanwhile, Sonya is in love with Astrov, who fails even to notice her. Finally, when the professor announces he wants to sell the estate, Vanya, whose admiration for the man died with his sister, tries to kill him.

Unfinished Task (a.k.a. I'll Give My Life) (1959)
Running Time: 79 mins Color
Starring: Richard Benedict, John Bryant
In this tearjerker, a morally disparate father and son attempt to reconcile their differences. The father is a major construction magnate who has dreamed of his son taking over the lucrative family business. The father's heart is devastated when the son decides to become a missionary after graduating with an engineering degree and a great rift is formed between them, one that does not heal until a terrible tragedy ensues.

Untouched (1954)
Running Time: 85 mins Black & White
Starring: Ariadna Welter, Ricardo Montalban, Jorge Mart?nez de Hoyos, V?ctor Parra.
Explorer leads an expedition through the jungle in search of plants which may hold a newly discovered cure for arthritis and gout. English Dubbed. Dir. Roberto Gavald?n

Utopia (1950)
Running Time: 83 mins Black & White
Starring: Laurel/Hardy
Heading for a newly inherited island, the boys ate shipwrecked and marooned on an atoll which has just emerged from the sea. Along with their cook, a stowaway and a girl who is fleeing her fiance, they set up their own government on the atoll. Uranium is discovered and world powers begin fighting over ownership of the island.

Varieties On Parade (1951)
Running Time: 54 mins Black & White
Starring: Jackie Coogan, Tom Neal, Eddie Dean

Verdi, King of Melody (1953)
Running Time: 80 mins Color
Starring: Pierre Cressoy, Gaby Andr?, Anna-Maria Ferrero, Tito Gobbi.
The life and work of the great Italian operatic composer Giuseppi Verdi (1813-1901) is depicted in this 1953 film, made in Italy. Pierre Cressy portrays the composer with intensity and feeling, while Gaby Andre his second wife with tenderness and pathos. A host of fine singers adorn operatic excerpts, including Tenor Mario del Monaco in a startling death scene from "Otello" and Tito Gobbi in a dramatic moment from "Rigoletto." Throughout the film there are elaborately staged scenes from "Nabucco," "Il Trovatore," "La Forza del Destino," "Aida," and "Falstaff." A rare look at the domestic and love life of this composer is afforded, within the usual dramatic license given such biopics. On his death-bed, the Italian composer thinks back on his life; from his childhood to his final opera. Contains pieces from many classic operas: "Otello", "Rigoletto", "Nabucco", "Il Trovatore", "Aida" and more. English dubbed. Dir. Raffaello Matarazz

Violated (1953)
Running Time: 78 mins Black & White
Starring: Wim Holland, Lili Dawn, Mitchell Kowal
Disguised as a cautionary suspense thriller, Violated is essentially an excuse to display some strippers taking their clothes off. Lili Dawn plays an exotic dancer named Lili DeMar, who is used as bait by the police to bring a sex offender out into the open. The acting is bad and the direction worse, but there's no denying that the film is extremely well-photographed by Pat Rich. Those uninterested in the undulations of Lili Dawn will enjoy the creative musical score by Tony Mottola, who in 1953 had achieved a measure of fame for his work on TV's Suspense. Considered hot stuff when first released, Violated is mild to middling when seen today.

Violators (1957)
Running Time: 76 mins Black & White
Starring: Arthur O'Connell, Nancy Malone, Fred Beir
Produced by Himan Brown (of radio's Inner Sanctum) and directed by John Newland (of TV's One Step Beyond), The Violators stars Arthur O'Connell as a rule-bound probation officer. When O'Connell refuses to loan $500 to his prospective son-in-law Fred Beir, the latter cooks up a swindling scheme to raise the money. This rash act causes O'Connell to realign his thinking insofar as his strained relationship with daughter Nancy Malone is concerned. The plight of the central character is subjugated to the film's central "juvenile delinquent" storyline, involving Beir and his youthful cohorts. Produced by RKO Radio, The Violators was distributed by Universal-International.

Walk Into Hell (1957)
Running Time: 93 mins Color
Starring: Chips Rafferty, Francoise Christophe, Reg Lye, Pierre Cressoy.
Exploratory team searching for oil finds more than they bargained for in the tropical jungles of New Guinea. Written and Produced by Chips Rafferty and Lee Robinson. Dir. Lee Robinson

Walk The Dark Street (1956)
Running Time: 74 mins Color
Starring: Chuck Connors, Don Ross, Regina Gleason
In this off-beat action drama, a big-game hunter is obsessed with getting revenge upon the Army officer whom he believes caused his brother to suffer a fatal heart attack. The hunter challenges the offending officer to a strange duel involving specially designed camera guns.

Way Out, The (1956)
Running Time: 90 mins Black & White
Starring: Mona Freeman, Gene Nelson
Description Coming Soon

Wayward Wife, The (1955)
Running Time: 90 mins Black & White
Starring: Gina Lollobrigida
In this drama, a young woman with a checkered past reforms and marries a good man. Unfortunately, her happiness is threatened by a blackmailer. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

Wetbacks (1956)
Running Time: 90 mins Black & White
Starring: Lloyd Bridges, Nancy Gates, Barton MacLane, John Hoyt, Harold Peary.
Down-on-his-luck former Coast Guard has a fishing boat which is about to be repossessed. Smugglers use him to bring in a shipment of illegal immigrants across the Mexican border, then blackmail him to continue working for them. Produced by Hank McCune. Dir. Hank McCune

When I Grow Up (1951)
Running Time: 80 mins Black & White
Starring: Bobby Driscoll, Martha Scott, Robert Preston
Young lad discovers that he and his grandfather have much in common.

Where The Hot Wind Blows (1958)
Running Time: 120 mins Black & White
Starring: Gina Lollobrigida, Yves Montand, Paolo Stoppa.
Sicily's sexual scene is summed up by cross-generational and cross-class couplings. English dubbed.

White Fire (Aka Three Steps To The Gallows) (1953)
Running Time: 90 mins Black & White
Starring: Scott Brady, Mary Castle, John Blythe, Ballard Berkeley, Ronan O'Casey, Michael Balfour.
Merchant Marine (Brady, TV's Shotgun Slade) travels to London to visit his brother, only to find out his sibling is to be hanged in three days. To prove his innocence, Brady hooks up with smugglers who are after the "White Fire" diamond. Produced by Robert Baker & Monty Berman. Dir. John Gilling

White Orchid, The (1954)

Starring: William Lundigan, Peggy Castle
Magazine reporter and a girl are assignd to observe a mysterious tribe in Mexican jungle and fnd themselves sentenced to death.

White Sheik, The (1951)
Running Time: 86 mins Black & White
Starring: Albert Sordi, Brunella Bova.
Newly wed woman runs off with a film idol, but finds him as bland as her husband. A Fellini classic! English subtitles. Dir. Federico Fellini.

Why Men Leave Home (1951)
Running Time: 117 mins Black & White
Starring: Ern Westmore, Julie Bishop, Richard Denning
Legendary movie producer Kroger Babb and prolific House of Dracula director Earl C. Kenton team with talented Hollywood make-up artist Ern Westmore to show how any woman can make herself more beautiful for the man in her life by telling the tale of a young woman who enlists the aid of Westmore in making he mother more attractive. Ginger Waldron was preparing for a screen test when she first made the acquaintance of innovative make-up artist Westmore, and her family life was in shambles. It seems that Waldron's mother had recently suspected her husband of being unfaithful, and now Waldron has asked Westmore for advice on how to save her parent's marriage. When Westmore transforms the average housewife into a glamorous beauty queen worthy of the silver screen with little more than some make-up magic and a stylish new hair-do, her husband John takes one look at his newly enhanced wife and prepares to fulfill his vows with gusto.

Wiretappers (1956)
Running Time: 76 mins Black & White
Starring: Bill Williams, Douglas Kennedy, Georgia Lee
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Witness In The Dark (1959)
Running Time: 62 mins Black & White
Starring: Patricia Dainton, Conrad Phillips, Madge Ryan
An elderly woman is murdered by a thief, with the only witness a blind girl whom the killer returns to silence permanently.

Running Time: 01:32:41:00 Black & White

This story depicts a detention camp for refugee women in the years just after World War II. Subtitled

Yellowneck (1955)
Running Time: 83 mins Black & White
Starring: Lin McCarthy, Stephen Courtleigh, Bill Mason.
A group of Civil War deserters try to make their way to safety on foot through the Florida Everglades.

Running Time: 65 mins Black & White
Starring: Phyllis Calvert, Andrew Ray, Edward Chapman
The Young and the Guilty was part of the "misunderstood youth" British film cycle of the 1950s. Young Eddie (Andrew Ray) and Sue (Janet Munro) are in love, albeit chastely. One of the kids sends a mash note to the other, which is intercepted by their parents. There's nothing remotely suggestive in the letter, but the adults suspect the worst, causing pain and heartbreak for everyone concerned. Finally, one of the fathers sees the light, suggesting that Eddie and Sue be allowed to maintain their special friendship-after all, remember what happened to Romeo and Juliet when their folks butted in! ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Young Caruso (1951)
Running Time: 78 mins Black & White
Starring: Gina Lollobrigida, Ermanno Randi, Carletto Sposito, Gaetano Verna.
Dramatic biography of the world renowned tenor Enrico Caruso chronicles his rise to fame from his poverty-stricken roots. Written by Giacomo Gentilomo. English dubbed. Dir. Giacomo Gentilomo

Young Lovers (1950)
Running Time: 81 mins Black & White
Starring: Sally Forest, Keefe Braselle
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