Public Domain Movies

Adventures Of Captain Marvel (1941)
Running Time: 216 mins Black & White
Starring: Tom Tyler, Frank Coghlan Jr., William 'Billy' Benedict
To protect a magic talisman from being used for evil, a boy is given the power to become an adult superhero with a single magic word.

Lost Planet Airmen (1949)
Running Time: 65 mins Black & White
Starring: Tristram Coffin and Mae Clarke.
Rocket Man is pitted against the sinister Dr. Vulcan in this intergalactic battle of good and evil. A feature length condensation of the serial King of the Rocket Men. The rock band leader who calls himself Commander Cody must have loved it too, because he named his band after it.

Unknown Island (1948)
Running Time: 75 mins Color
Starring: Richard Denning, Virginia Grey and Barton MacLane
A photographer stakes out a rockpile in the Pacific to shoot the last of the dinosaurs and ends up with more early age giants than he can handle.

White Pongo (1945)
Running Time: 73 mins Black & White
Starring: Richard Fraser, Maris Wrixon, Lionel Royce, Al Eben, Milton Kibbee.
Hunters and biologists try to capture a vicious white gorilla, which may be the key to the evolution theory. Produced by Sigmund Neufeld. Dir. Sam Newfield. A thrilling jungle hunt for the rarest of all beasts in the Belgian Congo--an albino gorilla.