Frequently Asked Questions About The RetroFilm Vault's Stock Footage Movie Trailers

I am interested in Titles X, Y, and Z, how much are they?

If you are a media professional (we do not sell to the public) call The RetroFilm Vault at (310) 622-7267 during business hours or email us with your want list of movie trailers. Prices depend on format and quantity of titles you require. Composing and sending us your want list yields the most accurate quote.

What is the turn around time for an order?

Usually 2-3 business days, but can vary with the size of the order.

What delivery formats are available?

We can deliver any high quality digital format you wish including Apple Quicktime ProRes Quicktime with other file formats and Code-ecs such as MPEG2, MPEG4, Some titles are available in high definition. Standard Definition programs are available in NTSC and PAL standards

How is my order delivered?

We upload your files and send you a link from which to download.

What is the quality of the material?

In most cases, the source masters that are in standard definition are from Digital Beta Master tapes transferred directly from the best available film prints making for high broadcast quality features for your use. You will not find better any place else. High definition titles were generally originated from film. The elements of certain rare archival footage are of varying degrees of condition and we always tell you up front what to expect.

Are there any restictions on the use of the materials?

You cannot separate the music and use in another production; or use a recognizable face to endorse a product. Otherwise, you are free to do what you wish with public domain material.

What payment methods are available?

and Most orders can be processed via credit card ( Visa, MasterCard, and American Express). We accept wire transfer for larger orders.

Public Domain Films


Why PD?

Where it comes from

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